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Netflix is no longer offering basic ad-free plan in the US and UK

Netflix has eliminated its basic $10-a-month subscription from its lineup in the US and UK, giving new subscribers one less option to stream without ads. The price tier has been removed from its website and only shows three options. The move comes after the streaming service phased out the basic plan in Canada in late June. 

The basic, commercial-free plan came with mobile downloads and the ability to stream on one device at a time. Compared its newer, ad-based option, the only difference was the price and mobile download feature. During its earnings call in April, Netflix announced changes to the ad-supported plan, which costs $7 a month and has become its most popular offering among customers. The company said it would roll out upgrades, including 1080p video quality (an increase from 720p) and two simultaneous streams.

If you visit Netflix’s pricing page today, the plans that are listed are Standard with Ads ($7), Standard ($15.50) and Premium ($20), with some minor tweaks to their offerings. New members can only sign up for one of these three subscriptions:

People who already have the Basic ad-free plan will be able to keep it unless they cancel their membership or change subscriptions, according to Netflix. 

In an email to CNET, a Netflix spokesperson spotlighted the inexpensive prices for the streamer’s ad-based plans in the US and UK, saying that they’re “lower than the competition and provide great value to consumers given the breadth and quality of our catalog.” CNET

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