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Netflix India launches streaming Roulette

The online streaming giant continues expanding and enriching its over-the-top contents, winning over new customers.

Netflix Plans for New User-Friendly Features
Netflix India is set to introduce its Streaming Roulette feature in the coming weeks, a recent industry report says. In case you are wondering what it is and how it will affect Netflix movies and series you might be watching, company management issued a clarification statement.

Although not as rewarding and realistically looking as a regular roulette online in India, it is still quite a useful feature, as it facilitates users in their choice of titles. Working with all Netflix plans, it helps save on browsing time by selecting series or films based on users’ preferences and previous choices. Viewers could indicate what they intend to skip as a content category and the system will suggest or instantly play a title which should result suitable for them. Users in India that prefers to play roulette for real money can still visit websites like 10Cric.

Netflix India will also add a linear feed to existing features such as “new and popular”, “top 10” and “worth the wait”. All such suggestions and settings arrive after successful spells on important foreign consumer markets.

2020 Confirmed as a Financially Strong Year
In the fourth quarter alone, Netflix India registered 8.5 million additional subscriptions, helping the company pass the 200-million mark of desi consumers – with 37 million of those coming only in 2020. Such numbers come on the back of consistent operational expansion, with more than 500 new titles ready to hit the screens this spring at the rate of at least one original film every week in 2021.

Direct competition from Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ Hotstar does not concern the company management, as it views the overall OTT market expansion as a good sign for Bharat consumers and Asia in general. As WarnerMedia’s HBO closure showed recently, original streaming content has a competitive edge and will drive forward the sector in terms of quality and investment.

Netflix India has seen huge success with recent shows such as The Crown, Barbarians, and Selena: The Series, in addition to international films like Lupin, initially released for outside global markets. This has helped the company become cash-flow positive and announce imminent plans to repay bonds at their maturity, no longer requiring external financing.

Tackling a particular year full of Covid-related lockdowns and changes in consumption patterns has been a challenge at times. National management strategies offered a chance for desi users to watch Netflix for free for several days earlier in 2020. The promotional offer was called Streamfest and let people access its OTT content for free on any device in SD, essentially intended as a primary learning experience. Millions of desi users took the chance and binged on movies and series without Netflix plans, with many eventually becoming regular subscribers and satisfied users.

Despite strong competition – both by OTT streaming service providers and in general by the myriad of online entertainment options – Netflix India remains the leading original content platform in the country, at least for the time being. Daily Excelsior

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