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Netflix hit ‘Squid Game’ dominates Halloween 2021

Red and Green Hoodie of Squid Game are the most popular Halloween costumes this year, according to the latest report from Wizikey, a media monitoring and intelligence company.

The news popularity for the red and green hoodie is 2X of Joker and 2.5X of Spiderman. Leaving ancient villainous characters like Dracula and Cruella de Vil far behind, this Netflix phenomenon has toppled Marvel Heroes and Disney Characters.

“Halloween has become a global festival. Culture shifts manifest on Halloween every year, with Netflix and other OTT platforms having a profound influence,” said Anshul Sushil, CEO and Co-Founder, Wizikey.

News analysis indicates that apparel brands worldwide have introduced the Squid Game line of clothing to cater to the Halloween demand, with reports citing the boom in the South Korean garment industry. Not only that, the Netflix series also has school authorities concerned over the violent series. According to news reports, many schools in the US and Europe have banned the costume with the fear of students mimicking the violent play and behavior on the playground.

The findings were based on data from more than 5 million media mentions derived from over 1000 digital publications and analysis of 100+ brands and their related products and services. The report highlights that the culture shift over the past few years, with OTT trends having a greater impact on what people wear to parties and events.

The report further delves into the top Halloween movies, candies, horror characters of 2021.

Among all the spooky characters associated with Halloween, Ghosts stay the most popular “Spookspersons”, followed by Witches, Vampire, Zombies and Goblins.

Halloween Kills, Scream, and Shang-Chi are the most popular movies this Halloween.

Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Cream Fangs, Haribo Trick or Treat 630z, and Resse’s Peanut Butter Halloween Pumpkins are the most favorite candies during this year. Adgully

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