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Nearly half of OTT subscribers hop between services multiple times over a 12-month period

A new Parks Associates whitepaper, Optimizing Video, Enhancing Content Performance for OTT Success, reports that nearly half of OTT subscribers hop between services, outside of Netflix, multiple times over a 12-month period. The whitepaper, released in partnership with SymphonyAI Media, examines the current state of the competitive streaming video market and the benefits of implementing data-driven solutions able to handle today’s complex revenue models.

“Consumers are experimenting across new services, so content sellers and streaming services must ensure that relevant, engaging content is presented to subscribers,” said Thomas Schaeffer, Sr. Contributing Analyst, Parks Associates. “The lack of insight into content performance is a major hindrance to monetization, and the ability to get that insight has implications for an offering’s bottom line.”

“The rapid adoption of hybrid ad-supported and subscription revenue streams forces media organizations to reconcile complex data sources, formats, and requirements,” said Mark Moeder, CEO of SymphonyAI Media. “Deriving insight from this new data ecosystem gives content sellers and service providers clarity around the value of the content they seek to monetize.”

The whitepaper also reports 48% of subscribers cited content or a specific program as the primary motivation to subscribe to a new service. Content performance data is an increasingly valuable asset as media organizations must continuously assess, demonstrate, and predict the value of a service’s catalog within the licensing ecosystem. Data-driven solutions that can measure and predict the profit generated by a specific asset, series, or partnership enable media organizations to optimize pricing terms for both direct-to-consumer and licensed distribution, align offerings with specific audience interests, and optimize revenue models.

“Considering the dynamic nature of the media and entertainment industry, content analytics solutions are essential for content sellers and streaming services to optimally monetize content in a complex revenue ecosystem,” said Jennifer Kent, VP, Research, Parks Associates. PR Newswire

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