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NABA report on Hybrid Radio, Metadata and service providers to be unveiled at NAB Show

NAB Show today announced that a new report from the North American Broadcasters Association (NABA) on hybrid radio, metadata and service providers will be unveiled during the Broadcast Engineering and IT Conference (BEITC) session “Broadcasters and Hybrid Radio – It’s All About the Metadata” on April 16 at 10 a.m. An expert panel will discuss the report, “Insights on Hybrid Radio and Metadata for Broadcasters,” as well as the changing automotive media and entertainment landscape and the service providers helping broadcasters create a great media experience with metadata in the car.

Developed by the NABA Radio Committee’s Hybrid Radio and Metadata Working Group, the report aims to improve radio broadcasters’ awareness of hybrid radio technology and the importance of metadata usage. The document describes how audio services are changing in the automotive media and entertainment landscape; how metadata and hybrid radio are helping improve broadcast products, especially regarding the use of large, colorful dashboard displays; and how broadcasters can use hybrid radio and metadata to maintain dominance in the automotive audio landscape and keep listeners’ interest.

David Layer, NAB’s vice president of advanced engineering and vice chair of the NABA Radio Committee, will moderate the session. The speakers will be Jeff Detweiler, lead of the NABA Radio Committee’s Hybrid Radio and Metadata Working Group and senior director of business development at Xperi; Nick Piggott, project director for RadioDNS; and Laura Ivey, director of research at Edison Research.

“Today’s listeners expect a car’s audio services to provide more than just great audio – they also want their vehicle’s dashboard to display text and image ancillary information, also known as metadata,” said Layer. “We’re excited to see more and more radio broadcasters heed this call, and we hope this session will encourage others to follow their lead by providing great metadata.”

“This document can be an excellent tool for radio broadcasters to learn more about using metadata to support hybrid radio and to provide a high-quality experience for their listeners in their automobiles,” says Julie McCambley, NABA Radio Committee chair. “The NABA Radio Committee is really pleased to be able to release this document during the NAB Show since collaborations between NABA and NAB continue to be fruitful and beneficial for the broadcasting community.”
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