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Mythoverse Studios enters into the Metaverse, announces Anshu Patni as gaming and WEB3.0 CEO

Mythoverse Studios, a venture of media entrepreneurs Madhu Mantena and Sheetal Talwar, announced that the company is all set to enter the WEB3.0 space and will concentrate on bringing newer immersive experiences for its audiences inspired by stories from Indian Mythology. As a part of expanding their horizons, Mythoverse Studios has appointed Anshu Patni as its gaming and WEB3.0 CEO.

Anshu comes with over a decade of experience in the content, talent, and gaming business under her belt. In her new role, she will have her eyes set on bringing the immersive world of Mythoverse in its WEB3.0 Avatar.

“The work we have done over the past few years at Mythoverse lends itself to the huge opportunity that Metaverse offers. As part of this expansion, I am happy to bring on board Anshu as our CEO for the WEB3.0 and gaming business. I am confident that under her leadership we will open and explore new frontiers of immersive experiences that we hope to explore and exploit not only at Mythoverse Studios but for all the wonderful IP that we own and create at Phantom Studios and Cinergy Films,” said Mythoverse Studios founder Madhu Mantena.

Talking about her her new role and her plans to expand the brand, Patni said, “After having worked with content platforms, producers and artists across entertainment and gaming in the WEB2.0 space, I am looking forward to creating new experiences in the WEB3.0 space for Mythoverse and the immersive world of entertainment that we are building.”

With over 15 years of experience in the entertainment and content ecosystem, Anshu brings with her a unique set of expertise across content, talent management and brand building. Anshu also hosts a podcast called QUESTIONS I WANTED TO ASK across various audio and video platforms. In her previous roles, Anshu has helmed CHNO Media and also as the CAA KWAN business head.

Mythoverse Studios is bringing immersive experiences across various mediums and platforms inspired from Indian Mythology. The company is currently producing two of the biggest epics ever told, Ramayana and Mahabharata, which is expected to bring together some of the biggest names in the Indian film industry. Animation Express

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