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Music Is An Art – Unbox Your Music Database

It is a fact where words fail, music speaks. While playing music, the first and foremost query is how one plays it. Which songs one plays in which rotation is not the only thing that matters. In which order one plays songs is just as important, as music scheduling combines science and art. The importance of WWH in music database is to understand what to listen, when to listen, and how to listen. MP3 format is not suggested while filling the database, wave format is recommended which enhances the air sound quality.


The future of music in India will be app-based and useful for consumer choice My Playlist. Also, the playlist will be designed according to different browses, romantic, unplugged, reprise, up tempo, Sufi, Indi pop, mash up, recreate, artist, retro, ghazals, and 90s. It would be preferable to play a new song next to a power recurrent or power current – CHR International. Use As, Bs, Cs, stay-currents and recurrent. Songs from the last categories are usually scheduled with fewer rules and are the glue to form the mix. Freshness and variety in music is a prerequisite.

However, if a user plans to play the same 25 songs, then it is easy for someone to turn to Spotify. The difference between stay-currents and recurrent is that songs from the first category are more recent and have a higher rotation than songs from the second one.

Usually, after 8-12 months, stay-currents become recurrent, if they qualify. Also, how long these recurrent titles remain active depends on the total number of tracks, if one has only 100 songs in the library, songs would not last as long. Apart from A, B, and C currents, listeners should use a dedicated category for new music in order to separate new releases from other songs.

Should one separate secondary current on their way or down? The concept of dividing B songs into two levels, B up and B down, so each hour will have an even balance of era. If one plays one sweep with two new B songs, and another one with two old B songs, the station could feel really different. By splitting B songs into two levels allows one to alternate one up and one down. The next step in playing a great piece of music is to play something familiar next to a new song. It is always good to have an N category for (unfamiliar) new releases apart from A, B, and C categories for (familiar) current hits. Subsequently, one should focus on every category for a specific theme.

Having enough differentiated categories and clock variants allows creating a better music flow. One should optimize quarter hour rotations. With four different clocks in each day-part, one can usually rotate songs through many different quarter hours. Format clocks and category structures are the best ways to determine where the most played music is positioned.

In playing sound music, ensuring music balance consistency is a must. When it comes to clocks, it is a combination of songs that fit together. In one hour, a new song could be played before a hit song. A new song could also be played after a hit song in another hour. Understanding of moods is a necessity whether it is happy, sad, exciting, or silent. Understanding of tempo is also equally important as is understanding of different pre-sell. Pre-sell (new arrivals), back sell (content connect), post sell (trivia connect), music tease (recurrent), coming up next (favorite song of the hour), hot in the hour (with info about lyrics, composer, singers), and hook connect with link content are a few options.

While playing music, understanding of prelude is also needed. One can use the prelude part for artist information. Only live jocks can use the prelude facility. Playing good music also involves understanding of music bouquet with genre-based clock, era-based clock, tempo-based clock, and mood-based clock. Understanding of sound clashing in music is of utmost importance.

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