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Mondo TV’s 40 Channels are Live with Etere NDI

Mondo TV is live on-air. Etere’s Ecosystem of software solutions drives Mondo TV’s 40 channels in Belgrade, Serbia. Etere was selected for its capability to manage demanding workflows with flexibility and reliability.

Mondo TV achieves unprecedented efficiencies for the end-to-end management of 40 channels with Etere Ecosystem. The system which is currently the world’s biggest NDI broadcast facility is now live on-air. Etere empowers Mondo TV with a professional system covering media asset management, scheduling, ingest, monitoring, archiving, newsroom, multiviewer, browsing and subtitling. Etere solutions bridges the gap between multiple processes with seamless integrations and advanced workflow automation.

The system includes Etere Basic MAM, a market-proven software that simplifies workflows and orchestrates the complete process of content processing, indexing, storage and retrieval of unlimited number of digital assets for Mondo TV. Etere Basic MAM provides sophisticated automation tools with full flexibility to define metadata, workflow, resources and user rights management for a more efficient way of working. A key feature of Etere MAM is the agenda, a centralised job repository that automatically manages all your tasks and workflows in real-time. With a quick and easy workflow configuration, you can pre-schedule and assign automated workflows for previews, approvals, asset data management, subtitling, ingest, dubbing and other broadcasting procedures.

Moreover, the Etere NLE integration for Adobe Premiere Pro provides a seamless connectivity between the Etere Ecoystem with Adobe Premiere Pro for a better user experience. Mondo TV operators are able to access the Etere centralised database directly from Adobe Premiere Pro without switching screens. Etere NLE integration for Adobe Premiere Pro also enhances collaborative workflows between video editors, news reporters, producers, directors and journalists.

Etere Resources Management improves the efficiency of Mondo TV’s business processes. It allows station operators to define cost structures, create worksheet action, automatically/manually assign workflows, invoice worksheets and track worksheets. It is integrated with Etere Agenda which can track tasks, appointments and approvals unique to each user account.

Etere incorporates Etere QC in the system to perform automated quality scans on media files via configurable workflows. It is able to detect and identify video and audio issues including freeze frames, black frames, scene changes and audio loss based on the assets’ EDL. It can be used prior to playout, re-purposing or archiving. It can also be used after encoding, ingest, editing, transcoding or archiving. It features a fault-tolerant and load-balanced architecture with a reliable performance for high-speed quality checks.

Not only that, Etere also gives you the freedom to drive your workflows from wherever you are with both Windows and web platforms. EtereWeb supports all functional features of Etere to give users full flexibility to manage their scheduling, playlists and workflows in real-time from any platform including mobile, tablets and laptops.

Etere Transcoder is an inclusive feature that enables unlimited format conversions for all common formats used in the broadcast industry. With a quick workflow configuration, operators are able to decode, encode, transcode, mux, demux and filter any media used in the broadcast industry. Additionally, Etere Data Mover provides encoding and decoding between media formats, conversions of bit rates and change of video resolutions to meet lower resolution screens. The tight integration of the system ensures that Mondo TV can configure workflow actions to transfer, copy and move digital content from one level to another. These include from/to post-production facilities, servers and long-term archive.

Etere Nunzio Newsroom enhances multi-media planning and collaboration with a series of highly effective features to drive a large-scale facility like Mondo TV. Etere Nunzio Newsroom integrates seamelessly with Etere Ecosystem for an enhanced efficiency, coordinated multi-media planning and collaboration across multiple newsroom departments. The centralised database features real-time updates for very fast and accurate workflows and information exchanges between systems. With the large-scale setup at Mondo TV that includes 40 channels, Etere Nunzio Newsroom is able to manage complex stories with multiple video elements including video files, live streams, graphics and secondary media files simultaneously across multiple platforms including PCs, laptops, mobiles and tablets.

On top of that, Etere Nunzio Newsroom is NDI-enabled to deliver unlimited streams for live production with significant cost savings as compared to a conventional SDI setup. Etere supports the use of virtual machines to manage the complete newsroom workflow. This is a unique opportunity for Mondo TV to manage over 40 channels with the use of NDI technology. With the use of NDI technology, the station is empowered with the freedom to run unlimited streams without the need to invest, operate and maintain a large number of hardware and cables.

Furthermore, Etere incorporates Executive Scheduling to effectively manage short and long-term playlists. Etere provides Mondo TV with the most advanced features to manage playlist planning and automation. It ensures planned schedules incorporates integrative playlist elements including licensed content, contractual commercials, missing material, imported material, regional ad insertions, primary and secondary events.

Etere Executive Scheduling is tightly integrated with the automation for a seamless workflow. Etere Automation packs a full suite of features in its software with its real-time device control and media asset management integration. One important feature of Etere Automation is its database-independent properties and its flexibility to run on different levels of fault tolerance including backup mode, master/clone mode and disaster recovery mode.

To meet the requirements of a dynamic workflow, Etere equips Mondo TV with ETX, a cutting-edge Channel-in-a-Box solution that combines a series of futuristic features that are ready to run with any type of workflow. It features a fully digital playout and ingest engine with support for all major essences and wrappers in the broadcast industry. It is able to manage SDI output and multi-resolution playout in 4K/HD and SD. Etere ETX allows broadcasters to receive and playout live videos on SDI, NDI or IP streams. Etere supports a wide range of global standards including Newtek NDI, SMPTE 2022 and 2110.

ETX supports cloud and virtual machines. Etere ETX integrates closed caption and subtitling including CEA608 and CEA708, which can be streamed directly to DVB or ARIB. Etere also features ETX inserter and time delay that enables live subtitling creation from the same platform. Graphics can be imported in any format and distributed to playout using Etere Data Mover. During the process, a low-res copy is automatically generated for preview. In addition, a live signal can also be used for the insertion of graphics for dynamic channel graphics requirements. All common graphic files including TGA, AVI, MOV, SWF, PNG, JPEG and GIF are supported.

For a large-scale setup like Mondo TV, the inclusion of Etere ETX-M Multiviewer in the project enables up to 9 SD, HD and 4k source feeds to be displayed on a single dashboard simultaneously on a single display.

At the heart of the system, Etere T-Workflow provides the station with a robust and easy to use workflow designer to manage, design, pre-schedule and execute any task or action. The workflow designer allows administrators to set broadcasting rules and automate each of the broadcasting process with precision and convenience. In addition, the T-workflow monitor allows operators to view all workflows and statuses in real-time with a centralised dashboard.

The Mondo TV sites uses Etere HSM, an archive software solution that moves and optimizes video contents between different medias. Operators are able to manage a mix of archives in a single console with a centralized dashboard for a real-time management, including the management of high and low resolution copies as well as Master and TX copies.

To manage subtitling, Etere Subtitles for Closed Captions provides Mondo Tv with all the features needed to manage multi-language closed captions and subtitling management for multiple platforms in a single software solution. It provides maximum flexibility and freedom to manage various subtitling options including ARIB and Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) via ETX inserter. In addition, the Etere MOS Connection supports teleprompter and provides seamless integration with newsroom.

The project includes:
Etere Tape Loan Management provides a complete management of tape loans in a efficient and easy way. It features fast loans and returns using the barcode scanning option. Tapes are stored in the Etere database and information are accessible via the asset cockpit where you can view the inventory and directory instantly.

Etere Ingest provides a one-stop solution to fulfill all types of ingestion requirements including manual, scheduled and automatic ingest. With Etere ingest, you are able to capture in real-time SD/HD media from any video source, broadcast stream, FTP and IP streams.

Etere SNMP console optimizes all processes, devices and infrastructure performance, including that of third-party solutions from within a single interface. These include network switches, routers and firewalls. The dashboard is highly customisable to facilitate automatic system monitoring. It is able to detect and notify users of any problems in the system so that a fast resolution can be reached.

Etere Airsales manages the end-to-end traffic, accounting and sales management processes. With the integrated inventory management, Mondo TV operators can effectively manage the complete workflow of advertising sales, customer relationship proposals, commercial planning, invoicing, salesmen and agencies commissions. All the information is retrieved and updated from the Etere centralised database which provides greater visibility and real-time updates.

Etere Proxy Browsing is accessible from both Windows and Web platforms. It allows users to search, browse, select and cut any media file as well as all related secondary events. Etere Proxy Browsing simplifies operations and allows users to preview media files as well as multi-language closed captions, audio tracks and logo overlays from the same interface.

Etere Broadcast Quality Player offers professional quality video and audio monitoring, browsing and playback. Additionally, it includes quality checks for your media workflows to ensure that all content is ready to be on-air.

The success of this project showcases the best of Etere’s long-running experience in the professional broadcast industry and the flexibility of NDI technology to manage IP workflows with unrivaled cost-efficiency and performance. At Etere, we design solutions to not only meet the needs of broadcasters today, but also their vision for the future. BCS Bureau

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