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MIB releases advisory on MSOs who are non compliant but having interconnection agreement with broadcaster

1. To ensure adherence to the terms and conditions of Multi-System Operators (MSO) Registration issued by this Ministry which inter alia mandates adherence tothe provisions of the Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Act, 1995 and Rules made thereunder and compliance to the regulations issued by Authority from time to time, a list of ‘Non-Compliant’ MSOs was published on Ministry’s website i.e. 23.03.2023. The list was published under the following tab: Broadcasting Document Digital > Addressable System

2. The Multi-system Operators were marked “Non-Compliant” as they had failed to comply with regulation 15(1) of the Interconnection Regulation, 2017 issued by TRAI which mandates that every distributor of television channels, once in a calendar year, shall cause the audit of its SMS, CAS and other related systems by an auditor to verif,’ that the monthly report made available by the distributor to the broadcasters are complete, true and correct. These regulations also enable the broadcasters to get the system used by distributor of television channels audited, if
they are not satisfied with the audit report.

3. In addition to the above, this Ministry in exercise of powers conferred under Rule 10A (1) of the Cable Television Networks Rules, 1994 had directed all MSOs to furnish information like number of subscribers, etc. However, when the MSO failed to provide the details sought by MIB, their status was marked as “Non Compliant”.

4. Moreover, broadcasters were also advised to enter into fresh interconnection agreements only with “Compliant” MSOs and notify the MSOs under them who have been marked as “Non-Compliant” by this Ministry. Pursuant to this, broadcasters have issued communications to all “Non-Compliant” MSOs, having an interconnection agreement with them. However, it has been observed
that despite being in operations and having executed interconnection agreements with broadcasters, MSOs listed in Schedule to this Advisory continue to remain in violation of the terms and conditions of their registration. The majority of MSOs continue to remain “Non-Compliant” and in violation of the terms and condition of their registrations and Interconnection Regulations, 2017 issued by TRAI.

5. In view of the above, the “Non-Compliant” MSOs are hereby advised to furnish the requisite documents and get their status changed to “Compliant” latest by 15th August, 2023; failing which, necessary action as deemed appropriate shall be initiated against them, including cancellation of registration as MSO. BCS Bureau

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