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MEDIAGENIX presents the scalable way to engage the viewer across VOD, linear, and FAST

At this year’s NAB Show in Las Vegas, the MEDIAGENIX team will showcase how media companies can engage more viewers across more platforms without hitting the brick wall of spiraling costs, complexities, and legal risks.

The WHATS’ON Media Business Management Platform and BeBanjo SaaS solution for VOD planning & scheduling offer media companies all the capabilities needed to transcend organizational silos, scale up and automate for maximum return on content investment through any combination of VOD, linear, and streaming linear (FAST) delivery methods.

At NAB Show 2023, MEDIAGENIX will present a future-fit approach to cross-platform audience engagement with optimized multiplatform efficiency, cross-functional collaboration and content monetization.

Multiplatform audience engagement: Pandora’s box of complexities?
Emmanuel Müller, Managing Director MEDIAGENIX Americas, said: “The need to go multiplatform and meet changing viewer behavior can quickly open a Pandora’s box of complexities. Sequential workflows that may have worked perfectly well in traditional broadcasting create costly bottlenecks. Technology and functionality unsuitable for the new purposes end up laden with bolt-ons and workarounds. Data silos obstruct collaboration and insightful decisions. Overall, too many repetitive operations are carried out manually on generic tools such as Excel, requiring re-entry of data with all the extra work and errors that entails. The result: many organizations are weighed down with waste, friction and overstretched employees that would rather put their talent to value-adding use.”

Whether streamers and broadcasters want to explore new revenue channels and various business models with VOD, FAST, or VOD and linear combinations, they will be able to do so in a cost-effective, agile and smart way, scaling up or down as they go.

BeBanjo: handling any VOD scenario with ease
With BeBanjo, MEDIAGENIX offers the best-in-class cloud-native VOD-first planning and scheduling solution. As a pure SaaS product offering easy and deep integrations, automation, control, and visibility, BeBanjo enables media companies to streamline VOD planning at scale across territories and business models. Users can track all VOD operations at a glance from one beautifully intuitive interface, and teams can collaborate in real time from anywhere in the world through a web browser.

WHATS’ON: the power to manage FAST channels with minimized effort
Creating free streaming linear (FAST) channels that are well thought-out, approach the quality of traditional TV schedules, stay within rights and budgets, engage specific viewer segments and create viewer loyalty could quickly turn out to be more work than any media company had bargained (and budgeted) for.

The challenge with FAST channels is that they only thrive at high speed and low cost, which implies they can quickly turn into legal nightmares. Haste makes waste and litigation unless you can ensure you always stay within rights and legal restrictions and comply with parental guidance rules across all territories.

The MEDIAGENIX team in Las Vegas will demonstrate how with the world’s richest and leading linear planning and scheduling functionality, media companies can tackle critical FAST challenges enabling them to
• set up new FAST channels and services instantly (adding an additional service in a day!)
• create an engaging offer for the viewers with flexible and powerful scheduling and promotion capabilities;
• ensure that costs and rights are under control;
• run the channels with minimum effort.

This includes automation and powerful tools for material planning (video, subs and dubs), secondary events, rights verification, promotion planning, episode planning and playlist timing. With highly automated workflows, WHATS’ON ensures high-quality linear scheduling at high speed, whether combined with VOD offerings or not.

Closing the VOD/linear divide
With the increasing number of services delivering combinations of FAST channels, VOD and even live streaming, it is clear that the VOD/linear divide is rapidly closing.

The WHATS’ON Media Business Management Platform enables media companies to implement unified, best-practice workflows across VOD and linear delivery methods. With one source of truth at the center of operations, touchless operations and actionable insights, they can sync strategy, planning and execution and manage by exception while keeping control and real-time visibility of content performance on all channels and platforms.

Automation and non-sequential workflows eliminate repetitive tasks, bottlenecks, waiting times, lookup work and unnecessary communication. Operations can be scaled up or down effortlessly as needed.

SaaS with the S of scalable
WHATS’ON and BeBanjo offer the SaaS solutions for a lean and data-driven content supply chain with a unique combination of industry best practices, adaptability, configurability, scalability, openness and interoperability. No big bang approach; a gradual roll-out or incremental steps will do nicely.

This enables the multiplatform growth of streamers, the digital transformation of broadcasters, and the agile future of any media company that needs a sound return on their investment in content, whether through linear programming or any VOD under the sun. BCS Bureau

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