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Major US pay-TV providers lose 650,000 subs in Q

Overall, the analyst revealed that the largest pay-TV providers in the US, representing about 93% of the market, lost about 650,000 net video subscribers in Q3 2021, compared to a pro forma net loss of about 90,000 for the same period a year ago. Over the past year, top pay-TV providers had a net loss of about 5,100,000 subscribers, compared to a loss of about 4,820,000 over the prior year.

Overall, the leading op pay-TV providers now account for about 77 million subscribers – with the top seven cable companies having 41.9 million video subscribers, other traditional pay-TV services having over 27.5 million subscribers, and the top publicly reporting Internet-delivered (vMVPD) pay-TV services having 7.5 million subscribers.

Looking at the individual platforms, LRG found that the top cable providers had a net loss of about 700,000 video subscribers in Q3 2021, compared with a loss of about 380,000 subscribers in Q3 2020. Other traditional pay-TV services showed a net loss of about 635,000 subscribers in 3Q 2021 – compared to a loss of about 780,000 subscribers in Q3 2020. The top publicly reporting vMVPDs added about 680,000 subscribers in Q3 2021 – compared to a gain of about 1,070,000 subscribers in Q3 2020. Rapid TV News

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