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Key broadcasting technology trends to Watch in 2018

Here are top trends to watch this year.

Mobile is the new TV. Some of the big players are competing with each other for broadcasting rights. These brand players are targeting the new modern generation which is addicted to their mobile phones. Few sports events like premier leagues of cricket, NBA, football have become a rage among the viewers across the globe. So, these ecommerce giants have started making big investments to secure rights for these events. Their strategy is to engage and inspire their customer base to purchase these events packages for mobile viewing.

HDR (high dynamic range). This has become a very hot topic for the last 2 years for the brand players as they are in the process of marketing their 4k-HRD products. Many topmost television companies claim to provide an HDR experience but almost all of them do not carry the black levels, brightness, and also lack the video processing ability to broadcast HDR programs in their original effect.

Edge computing will gain strength.  Edge computing is a method of utilizing data processing for optimizing cloud computing systems. Typically, this data processing is conducted near the network or data source. This technique drives away data and applications away from centralized points to the extreme ends of the network. A leading digital market research and forecasting company predicts that IoT service providers can exploit the edge computing model to increase their revenues. Also, mobile operators can offer this option by investing in robust networking infrastructure, because the growth of data and IoT services will create a high demand for this service. From an industrial or corporate perspective, there can be huge advantages to edge computing. Another angle is security. Processing data locally means it is kept in an internal environment. From a mobile infrastructure standpoint, there has been definite interest in building more compute and storage capacity near the edge.

The demand for voice interaction will grow. At present, some leading TV brands are using microphone embedded remote control. They help us to adjust volume as well as utilize voice commands to look out for channels. Industry experts are of the view that in 2018, many TV brands are planning to accommodate digital voice assistants in their smart TV platforms. These TVs will play a pivotal role in controlling smart home devices like speakers, lighting systems etc.

The Cloud will Grow Again
Cloud growth is set to continue during 2018 as media technology users streamline their operations for the multi-platform world.

These include cost savings compared to on-premise infrastructure and increased operational agility. By deploying cloud-based services, media companies can also dramatically reduce time-to-market for their services – thus increasing revenues, and flexibly adjust resources depending on demand by moving to consumption-based pricing. The public cloud just keeps on growing, with increases in spending on cloud services and infrastructure easily outpacing overall IT spending. And it is not even close. 

The Internet of Things (IoT) is definitely the big news when it comes to edge data.

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