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Interoperability with terrestrial networks key to satellite industry growth

The satellite industry has the potential to become mainstream due to the increasing opportunities for interoperability between terrestrial and satellite communications networks, according to industry experts. In a panel discussion at the Indian Space Conclave 2023, PJ Nath, MD & CEO of Nelco, emphasized the growth opportunities for the satellite industry in India. He stated that the satellite industry would play a major role in providing reliable services in areas where traditional telecom service providers are unable to reach.

Shivaji Chatterjee, President and Managing Director of Hughes Communications India, highlighted the untapped market potential in India and stressed the need for innovation and complementary solutions in the satellite industry. While acknowledging that the market is different from the mainstream telecom industry, Chatterjee emphasized the positive regulatory changes that have made it easier to launch new satellite services.

Rahul Vatts, Chief Regulatory Affairs Officer of Bharti Airtel, noted that despite the widespread coverage of terrestrial networks, there are still large areas without internet access. He identified satellite communication as a major use case for bridging this connectivity gap. Rajiv Sinha, Principal Advisor at TRAI, acknowledged the challenges faced by stakeholders in the satellite industry and highlighted the efforts being made to create an ecosystem that supports satellite operators, telecom service providers, and startups.

The implementation of the new space policy in India has provided additional opportunities for the private sector to launch new satellite services. The renewed interest in the satellite domain is driven by the need to reach uncovered areas and the emergence of low Earth orbit (LEO) and medium Earth orbit (MEO) constellations. With the right technology, price points, and regulatory support, the satellite industry has the potential to become mainstream in India. TS2

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