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India’s satellite broadband service market will reach $1.9 billion by 2030

Rising inflation and interest rates, slowing economies, and plunging consumer confidence have dominated discourses this year. The ripples they generated have heavily influenced the theme for TMT Predictions 2023. Technological innovation and sustainability remain themes, but this year is unusually influenced by external forces.

This year’s prediction brings in the trend of live sports’ increasing value with each new season. A key reason is the rising interest in an allied consumer monetization model in every country, such as fantasy sports apps, NFTs, and social media revenue.

This year’s 2023 TMT predictions also highlights how the Indian entertainment industry has embraced the OTT ecosystem with open arms, leading to a surge in hybrid models. The hybrid model offers a balancing act, providing access to a high-monetization user base, and a wider audience that may eventually convert into monetizable users.
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