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IIT Bombay partners with Eros Investments to develop Kurosawa, an AI-based film script generating tool

IIT Bombay in partnership with Eros Investments has announced a strategic collaboration with to design and develop Kurosawa, an AI-based tool for automatic script generation. Named after the celebrated Japanese film director Akira Kurosawa, Kurosawa is a ground-breaking attempt to empower the entertainment industry with cutting-edge technology to generate a full-length feature film script. The software will assist film makers in developing the plot and the script of movies. IIT Bombay will also create a whitepaper on Kurosawa for academic and research purposes.

The teams from IIT Bombay and Eros have been collaborating on Kurosawa for over a year. Kurosawa will help identify the right genre, output logline, and synopsis and deliver a potentially hit script that can be customized further as required. In the current phase, Kurosawa can generate multiple engaging plots and scenes basis single input. For example, it can create genre-specific movie plots basis genre(s) and a short 2-3 sentence prompt. It can also create scenes in a standard screenplay format basis a brief description.

Automatic Movie Script Generation is a subfield of Natural Language Generation (NLG). The machine can learn plot and scene generation from the pre-existing data with minimum human intervention.

Dean of Research and Development IIT Bombay, Prof. Milind Atrey, added, “Kurosawa will be a huge opportunity to transform the art of storytelling with proficiency and improve efficiency for content creators. We welcome collaboration with Eros investments, led by Prof. Pushpak Bhattacharyya from IIT Bombay, to provide automation to the process of scripting in the entertainment industry. As the outcome of the research, IIT Bombay will also be jointly launching a white paper on Kurosawa that will be used for academic and research purposes, further supporting the upcoming generation looking to make a mark in the industry.”

Kurosawa is based on the latest Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing technologies. It is led by Prof. Pushpak Bhattacharyya, known for his Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning expertise, and an internationally renowned research group. He is a Professor in Computer Science and Engineering Department at IIT Bombay and is a Fellow of the National Academy of Engineering (2015) and Abdul Kalam National Fellow (2020). Prof. Bhattacharyya is supported in this project by the students from IIT Bombay who are a part of the curriculum. BCS Bureau

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