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I&B Ministry concludes special campaign on cleanliness, pendency reduction

Inspired by the vision and mission of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to institutionalize Swachhata and minimize pendency in Government, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting along with its Field Offices participated in Special Campaign 3.0 from 2nd October to 31st October 2023 with focus on adoption of best practices for institutionalizing Swachhata, disposal of pendency, better space management and creating awareness through different medium of communication.

A total of 1013 Outdoor campaigns were conducted. 1972 spots identified and cleaned. 2,01,729 Kg of Scraps disposed of, revenue of Rs. 3.62 Crore earned and space of 29670 Sq ft has been freed. 49,984 files reviewed, out of which 28,574 files were weeded out. 841 e-files were also closed.  Social Media posts of 1837 were published on achievements during Special Campaign 3.0. The Ministry has achieved 100% target in disposing Public Grievances, Public Grievance Appeals, and has disposed 21 MP references, 2 PMO references and 7 Parliamentary Assurances. Daily progress was monitored by a dedicated team and uploaded on the SCPDM portal hosted by Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances. Number of best practices were adopted by the Ministry during the Campaign. Some of the important best practices are:

    1. Conversion of Store Room to Recreation Centre
    2. Cleaning of Lake Water Body
      • III. Best out of waste initiative
      • IV. Beautification of Garbage Space
    3. V. Conversion of Scrap Room to Yoga Centre

Secretary of the Ministry and Senior Officers visited different field offices to review the progress of Swachchata Campaign and Space utilization freed during the previous Campaign.

Best Practice1: Conversion of Store Room to Recreation Centre
During Special Campaign 3.0, Ministry has converted one Store Room of Main Secretariat, situated at the ground floor, Shastri Bhawan into a separate Recreation Centre with Gym and Table Tennis facility.

Best Practice2: Cleaning of Lake Water Body
Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute (SRFTI) Kolkata undertook the comprehensive cleaning of a 60,000 square feet water body within the campus, contributing to the preservation of the underwater ecosystem and fostering the growth of fish and coconut trees. The rejuvenated lake now serves the dual purpose of pisciculture and coconut cultivation, generating revenue through tendering while maintaining water and tree cleanliness.

Best Practice 3 : Best out of waste initiative
In the realm of sustainability, SRFTI executed the “Best out of Waste” initiative in three stages. Initially, a group of students identified discarded scrap across the campus to transform into art used for shooting purposes. Subsequently, the collected scrap underwent processing at shooting locations, metamorphosing into innovative and usable products such as tables, benches, and circus props. Finally, these products found purpose as integral elements of film sets, resulting in a cost saving of 30,000 rupees and offering accessibility to all students.

Best Practice 4: Beautification of Garbage Space
In an effort to beautify and instill awareness, SRFTI adorned the newly constructed garbage area with paintings, inspiring quotes, and flower plants.

Best Practice 5: Conversion of Scrap Room to Yoga Centre
Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) identified a large room  during the Campaign, which had been used as a store room to keep unusable items. The room was energy efficient with well lit natural light.  After disposal and cleaning, this room has been converted in to a Yoga Room which is benefitting the faculty as well as the students for practicing Yoga.
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