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I believe in action

In my opinion, there are three types of people in the world – one who plan, second who plan and execute, and the third who directly believe in action.

I will define myself the third type of person who only believes in action, and accordingly whatever comes in the way keep on molding and improvising the action keeping in mind the main goal.

Content production in one of the main factors in today’s life, especially post covid. Every single company micro or large wants content in their marketing plan.

It can be of any duration ranging from 5 sec to 1 min.

If we compare the technology of the past 10 years and that of now, there is a noticeable difference. The workflow has become easier and fast. I still remember for a 30-sec promo, I have put a render of 72 hours, and to preview the same also, we had to wait for several minutes, but comparing the present-day technology, it hardly takes a few seconds to preview and a few minutes to render.

Likewise, every field has its own way to treat newcomers. In the same way, ours has its own way. There were two common ways to welcome new comers, one was to send them to the field to go and purchase color bar and the second was to keep them sit and let them watch how rendering is going on.

These are two main welcome/ragging methods of our field.

Content is everywhere weather on social media, TV, or on OTT platforms.

On an average, we spend 2–3 hours in front of our computer, surfing social media and its full-on content, especially video. As we all know, it is easier to grab attention of a consumer through the visual medium in comparison to image or text, thus every company is inclined toward the video-content medium. No one wants to miss the opportunity to be in the race.

The definition of content creation and general perception has completely changed. If we talk about the meaning of content creation, it says the process of developing and creating video or written assets, such as video, eBooks, posts, etc., but in general if we say we need to create content, the answer would be simple and it would be video medium.


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