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How LiveU Solo has become game-changing technology for Propixels India

Propixels started their ambitious journey a year before the 2019 Indian General Elections where they teamed up with two leading political parties of Maharashtra – NCP & BJP covering every political event, including outdoor rallies, indoor conferences, live interviews and more. They shot to fame when they managed to flawlessly live stream the Sharad Pawar ‘Satara ki Sabha’ event in heavy rain using the LiveU Solo+ wireless encoder.

“It was a crucial event, and we did not switch off the camera and Solo+ unit even for a second. It eventually changed the entire political scenario of Maharashtra state. The challenges were overwhelming – heavy rain, huge crowds, and a remote village with limited bandwidth – but we managed to overcome them all. The event stream was picked up by all the regional, as well as national, news channels. After that, there was no turning back. We’ve used Solo for numerous similar events like Mahajanadesh Yatra – a campaign by Devendra Fadnavis where he traveled on a bus and visited every small village in Maharashtra. We live-streamed six such sessions each day and during this, we quickly grew from one unit on the first day to six on its third day”, said Sunny Jaiswal, Co-Founder of Propixels.

Jaiswal continued, “The best part about the LiveU Solo product is its ability to handle power fluctuations and functions without a single minute glitch even when there are multiple odds. Also, the fact that it has a great internal battery backup which eventually can be charged externally; we have a record of running this device constantly for many hours at one go. We have used Solo for an event in a record high temperature of 48 degrees Celsius in the Vidharba region of Maharashtra and the results were fantastic. Solo is super portable and user-friendly, and we carry it for overseas events as well.”

Other notable political events covered by Propixels using LiveU Solo+ devices are the Lokmat Parliamentary Award held in Delhi and Lokmat Maharashtrian of the Year Award. Currently, during lockdown times, they have been live streaming interviews from ministers’ homes.

Ranjit Bhatti, Director at LiveU – South Asia, said, “Our Solo device is really unique, and has seen a tremendous growth of usage in the country over the past couple of years. It has become the go-to device for people who want to live stream in professional-quality, an essential part of their production kit. We are very happy that the product is being used so extensively by the Propixels team for such important political and other events.” BCS Bureau

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