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Hollywood writers try to strike a love match while picketing

As striking Hollywood writers protest working conditions, some are seeking more than a new labor contract. They are also looking for love on the picket lines.

Single members of the Writers Guild of America gathered outside the Universal Studios lot this week for a combination of picketing and a dating mixer that later moved to a taco eatery.

“Writers love to multitask, so this is perfect for us,” said 42-year-old “Feed the Devil” writer Matt Altman.

“We get to go out, picket like we’re supposed to, and maybe meet the love of our lives,” Altman added. “Isn’t every story about love in the end?”

The event was organized by “Family Guy” writer Jaydi Samuels Kuba, who also runs a matchmaking business.

“For us, this was just a fun opportunity for writers just to meet each other without the pressures of having to have crazy work hours,” Kuba said.

Picketers interested in romance displayed colored ribbons. Pink indicated interest in dating women, blue was for men and purple was for openness to everyone.

The ribbons were tied around picket signs, wrists and even matched with certain outfits.

“Love, Victor” writer Van B. Nguyen, 37, said he thought it was a fun idea to combine fighting for change with fighting for love.

“I think as we’re out here trying to fight for what’s ours, why not also try to connect as well?,” he said.

Altman, like many other singles in attendance, said he was already gearing up for future mixers as the strike continued.

“I think we should do it through the whole strike, absolutely. By the end of the strike, we could all be coupled up. Who knows?” he said. Reuters

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