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Heavy rainfall causes BSNL network outage in Karnataka’s Chikkamagaluru

The Chikkamagaluru district in Karnataka, known for having the highest number of BSNL customers, is facing a severe network outage due to persistent power cuts caused by heavy rainfall in the hills. Residents of the hilly villages and valleys, who rely on BSNL for a stable mobile network, are now in a dire situation as the network remains down during power outages.

For many years, the people of the wetlands have depended on BSNL for reliable connectivity. Other mobile networks are unavailable in these areas, making BSNL the primary means of communication for local businesses and residents. BSNL’s extensive customer base in this district contributes significantly to the company’s revenue. However, the ongoing power cuts have resulted in frequent network shutdowns, causing widespread disruption.

The villages on the edge of Kudremukh National Park, previously under the jurisdiction of Sanse Gram Panchayat, now face a severe network problem amidst the existing lack of infrastructure. The BSNL network, which was once a lifeline, is now a source of frustration for locals. Residents report that the network can be down for as long as five minutes, making it unreliable for emergencies.

Areas like Samse, Iro Netravati, Elaneeru, Balgar, Gutyadka, Patigudda, SK Meigal, Karle, and Kalakodu are particularly affected. In emergencies, such as when someone is sick, the lack of network forces people to physically go to different houses for help. The absence of alternative networks means that even calling an ambulance is a challenge during network outages.

Locals blame BSNL officials for negligence and demand immediate action. They suggest that authorities should ensure continuous network availability by installing diesel generators or UPS systems as backups during power cuts. Newsable

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