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Haivision unveils 2023 Broadcast Transformation Report

Haivision , a leading global provider of mission-critical, real-time video networking and visual collaboration solutions, today released the results of its fourth annual Broadcast Transformation Report – providing insights into the state of technology adoption in the broadcast industry. 

Conducted by surveying Haivision’s customers and prospects, the report is a collection of responses from more than 700 broadcast and media professionals around the world. The Broadcast Transformation Report reveals technology trends in live video contribution, 5G, cloud, IP, and sustainability. 

Key broadcast transformation trends from the report include: 

  • 68% of respondents use SRT for live video transport as the internet leads in popularity in its use for video contribution.  
  • 73% of broadcasters surveyed indicated that they already use or plan to use 5G for broadcast contribution in the next two years.   
  • 84% of broadcasters use at least some cloud-based technology in their workflows with 60% relying on cloud for less than a quarter of their workflows, indicating that on-premise operations remain critical to live video. 
  • 51% of respondents indicate that transitioning to IP is among their organization’s top technology priorities for the next 12 months, and over half of broadcasters surveyed already use IP infrastructure.
  • 45% of the broadcast professionals surveyed work for organizations that are actively working on developing sustainability strategies or already have sustainability plans in place. 

“This year’s survey results clearly indicate that adoption of network technologies including cloud, IP, and 5G continues to evolve while on-premise operations remain absolutely critical in the broadcast industry. The data also confirms that the Haivision-pioneered SRT protocol is now the gold standard for contribution over IP networks,” said Marcus Schioler, Vice President of Marketing, Haivision. “In addition, the findings highlight that broadcasters recognize the important benefits that 5G cellular networks offer for broadcast applications, a domain in which we excel with our range of mobile transmitters.”  BCS Bureau


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