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Haivision takes to the skies with mission-critical video streaming technologies

Haivision Systems(opens in new tab) announced that the Makito X4 Rugged video encoder will be a part of Diamond Aircraft’s special mission fixed-wing aircraft, the DA62 MPP, in its North America Demo tour.

Diamond Aircraft’s DA62 MPP features the latest in tracking and sensor technology and sets the benchmark as the most cost-effective, powerful, and versatile airborne platform in its class. Suitable for law enforcement and surveillance operations, search and rescue missions, disaster management, infrastructure and environmental monitoring, and more.

The tour marks the inaugural flight of the DA62 MPP in North America and takes off on June 28 from Diamond Aircraft’s London, Ontario facility and will last until the end of August/early September with a stop at the annual APSCON conference and exhibition in Reno, NV, July 25–30. The DA62 MPP is fully FAA certified and will be delivered to North American customers starting early 2023.

Haivision’s compact, ultra-low latency video streaming solution, the Makito X4 Rugged video encoder streams reliable, high-quality video from the DA62 MPP using the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol, to help support situational awareness and airborne surveillance even over constrained networks commonly seen in ISR workflows.

The demonstration DA62 MPP will be configured with state-of-the-art of mission equipment typical of many airborne law enforcement operators including Haivision’s award-winning, ultra-low latency Makito X4 Rugged video encoder. “For our DA62 MPP US tour together with Air Bear, we wanted to have the latest cutting-edge technology on board our aircraft. Haivision’s Makito X4 video encoder offers the lowest latency, flexibility, and reliability for live video transport applications, all without compromising on quality, making it the perfect choice for our state-of-the-art Special Mission Aircraft,” said Stefan Haim, technical manager, special mission aircraft, Diamond Aircraft, “Our long-standing partnership with Haivision has enabled us to offer our clients high performance, cost-efficient, best-in-class airborne solutions ideally suited for a wide variety of missions.”

“We’re extremely proud to be a part of DA62 MPP, the most capable aircraft in its class,” said Alex Beck, senior vice president, defense and aerospace at Haivision. “Haivision’s flagship Makito X4 video encoder offers Diamond Aircraft’s customers the very best in video-based intelligence for mission-critical operations, even in the most challenging environments.” AV Network

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