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Grass Valley showcases GV Orbit

GV Orbit is a single, consolidated, overarching configuration, control and monitoring package specifically designed for the dynamic orchestration of broadcast media networks, whether they be SDI, hybrid or pure IP. Its underlying architecture, however, is targeted at open standards-based IP systems with many features and functions specifically crafted to make IP easy.

Dynamic Orchestration is GV Orbit’s core strength that differentiates it from competitive systems. The ability to build, configure and change systems on-the-fly, whether it’s adding/removing devices or simply changing a name, is hugely powerful. In today’s cost-conscious world, fast and efficient deployment and re-purposing of systems for alternative scenarios or productions is a key requirement.

Key features

  • Device discovery and detection
  • Easy device addressing, setup and system configuration
  • Ergonomic graphical screens include device list and topology views with “drill-down”
  • Live updating including signal renaming and adding new devices
  • Fully featured routing control for SDI, hybrid or IP router/switch
  • Seamless integration with GV Fabric and other COTS Ethernet switches
  • Clean switching with “make-before-break” or “break-before-make” on IP devices
  • SMPTE ST 2022-7 hitless changeover on redundant IP flows
  • Full integration of Grass Valley control panels with live updating
  • Pathfinding, e.g., dynamic creation of shuffled audio flows
  • Comprehensive, configurable system alarms and warnings
  • Grass Valley MV Series multiviewer configuration
  • Wide bouquet of predefined monitoring screen sets
  • Custom screen creation
  • Monitoring by exception
  • Warning and/or alarm pop-ups
  • System-wide logging, backup and restore
  • Multiple system tools for system management and analysis
  • SMPTE ST 2059 compliant IP Precision Timing Protocol


  • Unified configuration, control and monitoring speeds up operations, reducing risk of errors
  • Equally suitable for SDI, hybrid or pure IP, easing the migration process
  • Verified and tested in typical workflow scenarios with Grass Valley devices…the largest open standards-based IP portfolio on the market
  • Mimics traditional SDI operational control for IP, reducing training requirements and costs
  • In-operation “live updating,” saving time and money
  • Designed for open standards-based IP, ensuring compatibility and future proofing SMPTE ST 2022-6/-7, SMPTE ST 2110, SMPTE ST 2059 (PTPv.2), AMWA NMOS (IS-04, IS-05)
  • Third-party device integration, providing flexibility and choice


  • Venues, studios and control rooms
  • Remote production
  • OB vehicles and flyaways
  • Multiple other media and broadcast facilities BCS Bureau
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