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GFA ends broadcast partnership with StarTimes

The Ghana Football Association (GFA) ended its broadcast partnership deal with StarTimes, the Chinese media company that held exclusive broadcasting rights for Ghanaian football. The four-year agreement, worth $5.25 million, was originally signed in 2020, granting StarTimes extensive coverage rights over major football games in the country. Although specifics regarding the termination remain undisclosed, both parties have amicably agreed to part ways.

During their partnership, StarTimes played a crucial role in bringing Ghanaian football to the masses. The broadcasting giant provided live coverage and highlights of the Ghana Premier League (GPL), FA Cup, Division 1 League, Women’s Premier League, and Women’s FA Cup. Their extensive reach and quality production helped elevate the profile of Ghanaian football, drawing in fans from across the nation and beyond.

The termination of the contract comes as a surprise to many, given the successful collaboration between the GFA and StarTimes. However, the Football Association has expressed its openness to new proposals from other broadcasting companies. Major players such as DSTV, CTV, and even a renewed bid from StarTimes are being considered for future broadcasting rights. This move is seen as an opportunity for the GFA to explore new avenues and perhaps secure a more lucrative deal.

Football enthusiasts and stakeholders are keenly watching the developments, as the next broadcasting partner will significantly influence the visibility and growth of Ghanaian football. The anticipation is palpable, with fans eager to see which company will step in to fill the void left by StarTimes. The new partnership could bring innovative broadcasting technologies and fresh perspectives, potentially transforming how football is consumed in Ghana. GBC Ghana Online

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