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Gen Z making existential shift in entertainment consumption

A study from Hub Entertainment Research is warning the TV and video industry that it faces a much a starker threat than the current streaming wars, highlighting how Gen Z viewers spend more time watching non-premium video and playing videogames than watching TV.

Calling the new habits of an under 25 cohort it describes as content omnivores, as a potential existential shift, the study says that for this key demographic TV is not the cultural touchstone that it was for their parents and is just one of a constellation of on-screen activities. The research found that Gen Z respondents spend more time on both gaming (22%) and non-premium videos on platforms like YouTube (21%) than they do watching TV shows (17%). Those over 35 estimate say they spend more than double the time on TV shows that Gen Z does.

Even though, Gen Z consumers spend about a fifth of their screen time watching through apps on a smart TV, the same as their older counterparts, only 8% of their time goes to watching shows through a cable box. This compares with 31% among older viewers. And they spend more time watching on their cell phone than on any other screen.

Despite YouTube’s dominance of the overall online video industry, for Gen Z, TikTok has become a go-to destination in a very short amount of time. Among Gen Z consumers who use both platforms, 54% said they spend more time on TikTok and 40% spend a lot more time. Almost three quarters, 73%, said that if they could only use one, they’d keep TikTok. More than half of Gen Z viewers say they watch less “regular” TV because of the time they spend watching non-premium video.

“Gen Z is just as passionate about entertainment as their Gen X parents and Boomer grandparents. But they are content omnivores, and TV is just one of a constellation of things competing for their attention,” said Jon Giegengack, principal and Hub Entertainment Research founder. “Most importantly: so far, there’s no reason to think they’ll outgrow their attachment to short form video or gaming as they get older.” Rapid TV News

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