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Future of radio

Radio is the original social media, a heavily pressured space, which can only grow with the current form of innovation unlike print and TV, which are currently under threat. As media channels evolve into a mass of digital platforms that are progressively being developed, what does the future of radio hold? Will broadcast exist in an FM frequency or migrate to the internet? Will podcasts and live streaming dominate the radio space, or will it grow in its original form?

While podcasts have been around for about a decade in international markets, there has been a surge in listenership in the last couple of years in India as well. These trends indicate that radio and audio podcasts will be a killer combination in the coming years
One of the things that makes podcasts so compelling for businesses, is that they do not require a significant investment to get started. Something as simple as recording on a smartphone or tablet should be perfect for your first few episodes.

Because podcasts are also very conversational, you would not need to write out everything you want to say. You can create an outline ahead of time to help you stay on topic, but most of the conversation will be fine unscripted. Rooted with local visions and incorporating local content will drive radio and podcasts together and will give huge spike to listenership on both mediums.

Our time is split between the two mediums. Together they work in sync to make the consumer more aware of how their content feeds them. Audible content is now being played via live streaming or podcasts, and on-demand listening is a space that is continuing to grow. Consumers are being given choices when it comes to connecting to information. They can either log in or plug into live streams of talk or music or return to a podcast online when they have the time.

Digital make-up comprises listeners interacting with the station through SMS, website, Facebook, Instagram, blogs, and Twitter. Help radio stations to cross breed the content between different platforms so listeners can connect to the presenters on air and online. The digital interaction has been made more visually entertaining, showcasing video and audio in an engaging way as the online space pairs up its shows with commentary, blogs, and discussions.

Podcasting has taken radio to a new level of interaction, engaging varied topics and diverse audiences with its content. This tool allows for the extension of radio advertising too. When it comes to the future of sales, we often need to consider which platform will work best. The fundamentals of radio will always stay the same. Everyone is on the internet because there is a need to be; however, radio is accountable and drives everything. The intimacy of radio allows messages to get out immediately.

Objectives of the radio and podcasts are to stay relevant, innovative, and to be creative to engage more listeners. Future vision is simple. We marry the brands with the audience and enhance the relationship with audience through killer content. As the digital space dominates the usage of our time, so too will the way we use it to convey or upload messages. People have adapted to the digital space and it is fast becoming the future of the world. Soon the time will come that radio stations will be app-dominated across India. Radio is advancing by adding the element of web cams that enables users to peek into the radio. These platforms will be using live streaming from YouTube channels to broadcast their sessions live where the microphone will not be replaced, but enhanced by digital platforms.

In my opinion, mobile technology has given the organization the ability to engage with listeners in real time at events, in which the data is then mined to give real value to research that will be able to measure and in turn enhance RoI. Beyond the time investment, radio and podcasts together inspire loyalty because listeners are getting to know and trust both mediums. One overlooked aspect in coming years will be digital advertising revolution radio is well positioned for digital ad sales success. The industry will deliver a powerful blend of traditional media reach and brand strength, coupled with the ability to drive mass audiences to digital platforms.

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