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Film editors raise concerns over OTT practices

The Association of Film and Video Editors has submitted a formal complaint to the Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE), shedding light on various challenges they encounter, particularly in the realm of OTT content. The grievances encompass concerns related to fees, working hours, and the attribution of due credit in projects. A total of 245 editors, including prominent names like Akanksha Gour, Shekhar Tiwari, Naman Arora, Aakash Gawali, Aarti Bajaj, Abhishek Seth, Ajay Yadav, Chetan Telgar, and Aseem Sinha, have endorsed the complaint.

Among the critical issues raised by the editors is the matter of credit attribution. They assert that fair acknowledgment is lacking, and they face restrictions in approaching the union for dispute resolution. Additionally, the editors highlight several practical challenges, such as the absence of allowances for travel and food, imposition of work on any day or time, including public holidays, and the expectation to endure non-stop work shifts lasting up to 15 hours.

The primary objective of the complaint to FWICE is to bring these concerns to the attention of streaming platforms and production houses. The editors have extended their communication beyond the union, having also written letters to major streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, and Zee, alongside various production houses and film bodies. They await responses to facilitate meetings aimed at addressing these issues.

The Federation of Western India Cine Employees, recognized as a prominent film industry worker’s union in Mumbai, India, with a substantial membership of 500,000 as of 2020, serves as the overarching entity for all Indian Cinema Associations.

The engagement with FWICE signifies a collective effort by the editors to effect change. Their aspiration is to engage with streaming platforms, production houses, and film bodies to bring about necessary modifications to existing contracts. The goal is to find equitable resolutions to the challenges enumerated in their complaint. The FWICE, acting as the representative body, expresses its commitment to working towards fair compensation and resolving the issues faced by the editors in the industry. The forthcoming meetings with concerned organizations will play a pivotal role in addressing and rectifying the raised concerns, with an emphasis on ensuring a fair and conducive working environment for film and video editors. The Statesman

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