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FCC opens filing window for LPTV stations to convert to class A status

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Media Bureau has announced the opening of a one-year filing window for qualified Low Power Television (LPTV) stations to apply for Class A status under the Low Power Protection Act (LPPA). This filing window, starting May 31, 2024, and closing on May 30, 2025, presents a unique opportunity for eligible LPTV stations to gain primary spectrum use status.

Key Details of the Announcement

  • Filing Window Duration: May 31, 2024 – May 30, 2025
  • Eligibility Requirements: Qualified LPTV stations must comply with section 73.6030(b) of the Commission’s rules and complete all required certifications in FCC Form 2100, Schedule F.
  • Application Process: Applications must be filed electronically via the Commission’s Licensing and Management System (LMS).

Eligibility and Application Requirements
To be eligible for Class A status under the LPPA, LPTV licensees must provide documentation of their operating schedule and locally produced programs aired during the 90 days preceding January 5, 2023. The application process involves:

  • Electronic Filing: Applications must be submitted through the LMS using FCC Form 2100, Schedule F.
  • Required Fee: A fee of $425.00 is required for the application.
  • Supporting Documentation: Applicants may need to provide additional documentation to support their certification of eligibility.
    Importance of Class A Status

Class A status offers several benefits, including primary spectrum use and enhanced protection from interference. This status is particularly valuable for LPTV stations looking to solidify their presence and service quality in their designated market areas.

How to File
To file for Class A status, follow these steps:

  • Access LMS: Go to the LMS applicant data entry home page here.
  • Log-in: Use the FRN associated with the station.
  • File Application: Select “Modification of License, Convert from LPTV to Class A (Schedule F)” from the drop-down menu.
  • Submit: Complete the application and click “Submit.”

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