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EVS launches IPD-VIA Create web-based editing application

EVS, the leading provider of live video technology, has announced today the launch of IPD-VIA Create. The new web application allows users of EVS’ end-to-end live production asset management (PAM) solution – MediaCeption Signature® – to access a non-linear editing (NLE) tool all within the same platform for faster and more efficient operations.

With MediaCeption Signature, users can perform all the content management and media workflow functions from ingest to playout. They also benefit from complete end-to-end workflow orchestration and comprehensive system monitoring, all accessible from within a single interface. IPD-VIA Create, is the latest application to join the IPD-VIA web-based PAM platform that is at the core of the solution.

The application was designed in collaboration with Blackbird, developer of market-leading cloud native video editing platform, and is fully integrated into EVS’ ecosystem, providing instant access to all content through an easy to navigate browser-based interface. As a result, users can work with their assets from anywhere in the world and immediately view and push edited content to craft editors or directly distribute it in broadcast quality to multiple channels.

IPD-VIA Create provides an easy-to-use 9×16 video framing effect, a powerful color correction feature, and the choice between Thumbnail and Timeline displays, which will appeal to beginners and experienced editors alike. It is the perfect toolset for storyboard editing, enabling journalists and producers to begin drafting the first cut of their stories while the action is happening. These storyboards can instantly be exported as is, while at the same time more experienced editors can pick up these projects and continue to refine them in the timeline view, using common industry methods and familiar keyboard shortcuts.

As part of EVS’ VIA platform, users can benefit from the central workflow engine – VIA Flow – by exporting their sequences to any destination, be it Play to Air, social media or any other target deemed necessary. The IPD-VIA Create sequences are instantly available in craft editing solutions, such as Avid Media Composer or Adobe Premiere Pro.

Finally, by leveraging Blackbird’s cloud-native technology, the application further extends the overall flexibility of the MediaCeption solution, and speaks to EVS’ Balanced Computing vision, as it can easily be deployed either on-premises or in the cloud, depending on the needs of the production.

Nicolas Bourdon, Chief Marketing Officer at EVS said: “Every single component of our MediaCeption Signature solution has been built on EVS’ deep expertise and experience in live production. And since the edit-while-capture concept is at the heart of everything we do, this is a huge time saver for MediaCeption Signature users who can begin working on their projects while feeds are still being recorded and ingested. IPD-VIA Create is an exciting addition to our end-to-end live PAM workflow, as it enables faster and more efficient editing in live production, which ultimately will help production teams reach the finish line faster.”

Blackbird CEO, Ian McDonough, added: “This is a very exciting moment for Blackbird and EVS. IPD-VIA Create affords end users with a full editing suite embedded in the EVS PAM. The suite has all the same speed, efficiency, and carbon reduction benefits that Blackbird customers enjoy. As part of a seamless end to end workflow, this state-of-the-art solution can rapidly deliver time and cost reduction efficiencies as well as enhancing end user performance through advanced functionality and Blackbird’s highly responsive patented codec. The profound knowledge, experience and skills of both companies’ teams have combined to deliver a product we are incredibly proud of and has the potential to unlock huge value for the global media industry for years to come.” BCS Bureau

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