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Eric Bischoff analyzes scenario of Amazon landing WWE Raw broadcast rights

With WWE looking to secure a new TV rights deal for “WWE Raw,” there’s been rampant speculation on where the company’s Monday night show could go. Amazon, which currently live streams Thursday night NFL games, is a company name that’s been thrown around. Eric Bischoff addressed the Amazon rumors on a recent episode of his “Strictly Business” podcast, and the former Senior Vice President of WCW fantasy booked the business aspect of a deal and what could happen if Amazon gets the “Raw” rights.

“Let’s say they exceed their goals by 10%. That’s good, yay, rah-rah, it was a good decision, but maybe not think too much about expanding unless you have information and research that tells you otherwise,” Bischoff said. “That deal will probably be what that deal is and not change much, if it changed at all in the future. But let’s say that same scenario comes along, and Amazon’s got ‘Raw,’ it’s kind of a test flight, for lack of a better term, and they have a certain expectation at the end of that contract, and let’s say they blow by that by I don’t know, 75, 80, 90%. And they’ve also learned about all of the ancillary revenue opportunities that come with something like WWE… That’s when you might see a bigger play.”

Bischoff said he isn’t concerned about shows changing channels affecting the fans. He said whatever wrestling company it may be, the audience will find them and whatever channel a show may be airing on. He compared the audience to other popular sports.

“The wrestling audience is… I know the NFL’s got an amazing fanbase, NASCAR’s got a very loyal, I think the NASCAR fanbase in terms of real loyalty is probably more loyal than most NFL fans,” Bischoff said. “…I would say the NASCAR audience is almost as loyal as a wrestling audience.” WrestlingINC

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