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Eluvio introduces direct sell-through and streaming of premium video experiences on the blockchain content fabric

In advance of the 2023 NAB Show, Content Blockchain pioneer, Eluvio, today announced a complete set of capabilities enabling direct sell-through, engagement and streaming of premium video directly from publisher to consumer, now available at

The offerings combine scalable decentralized streaming, content distribution and storage, and advanced media services with the addition of on-chain payments and multi-party royalty settlement capabilities. The company announced new “Powered by Eluvio” tiers of service for its utility blockchain content network with turnkey-Web3 native capabilities for content distribution and monetization, designed for independent creators through the creative enterprise.

The offerings include turnkey and customizable digital marketplaces, websites, and live events that enable direct sell-through and streaming of premium video, immersive, and other digital content and direct engagement from brand to user, including token gated authorization for subscriptions and purchases, flexible payment gateways and ticketing, and a native media wallet for easy Web3 sign-on and lean-back viewing, with global content streaming and distribution from the Content Fabric. Eluvio will discuss these advancements, and more, as part of an exclusive Web3 thought leadership event, “Publisher’s Central for Web3 Media”, on Sunday, April 16, at noon at NAB.

The Eluvio Blockchain Content Fabric is a utility blockchain network for owner-controlled storage, distribution, and monetization of video, music, and other digital content at scale. It enables simplified, cost-efficient, and just-in-time video distribution from the source (stream or file), without making file copies – and without the use of costly third-party cloud storage, transcoding, OVP, or CDN providers.

Its built-in “Web3 CDN” capability enables secure, ultra-low latency, high-quality 4K video streaming (live and on-demand) for content creators and owners to support entertainment experiences and new monetization opportunities. Last year, Eluvio won a “NAB Product of the Year Award” for broadcast TV’s first major NFT endeavor. Companies, artists and brands whose content blockchain initiatives have been powered by Eluvio include FOX Entertainment, Globo, MGM Studios, Microsoft, SONY Pictures, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, Universal Music Group, WWE, The Masked Singer, Dolly Parton, Black Eyed Peas, Rita Ora, and many others.

Unveiled today and releasing in June, Eluvio now supports instant royalty settlements and payments to multiple parties directly on the blockchain. This first-of-a-kind feature enables content owners to automatically pay out royalties to all contracted parties at the time of sale and resale. These on-chain settlements and payments are realizable directly in the Content Fabric, recorded in its ledger and are provable and tamper free.

The company also today announced new utility pricing rates for its open source Content Fabric, and three new “Powered by Eluvio” levels of productized Web3 content experiences with turnkey storefronts and brandable websites: Level 1) “Pay as You Go Self-Service”; Level 2) “Professional Creator”; and Level 3) “Creative Enterprise.” The hyper-efficiency of the platform cuts end-to-end costs by up to 80%, as compared to the cost of conventional cloud and CDN solutions, for millions of simultaneous premium video streams. Similar savings are realized for VOD and library services use cases. Full pricing and feature details are available on Eluvio’s new website:

Eluvio offers turnkey video marketplaces (live, on-demand, and XR immersive) and streaming video experiences (browser and connected TVs) with built-in support for blockchain loyalty and fan engagement programs. It creates new monetization opportunities for video archives; AVOD, SVOD, FAST, direct-to-consumer (D2C) OTT channels; live streamed events; Web3 digital collectables and interactive multimedia/video NFTs; and more.

“Many things have come together to allow us to bring a new utility network option for streaming video and the monetization of creative IP to the industry at this scale,” said Michelle Munson, CEO and co-founder of Eluvio. “This is just the beginning of a new era for content, where its intrinsic value can both be enjoyed and maximized between publishers, users and brands. We are so excited to bring a comprehensive solution for storage distribution and streaming to the industry with these disruptive capabilities.”

On Sunday, April 16, Eluvio will host an exclusive Web3 education and thought leadership event, “Publisher’s Central for Web3 Media”, from 12:00-2:00 p.m. in the Las Vegas Convention Center, West Hall Level 2 meeting room #W237. To gain entry to this exclusive, limited-capacity event, prospective guests must register at:

Content providers will learn about Eluvio’s Blockchain Content Fabric and hear from a panel of industry leaders including studios, infrastructure providers, and brand agencies as they share their experiences with the Content Fabric to distribute, monetize and engage users with new Web3 native offerings and transform their existing supply chains.

The Founders’ Keynote session with Michelle Munson and Serban Simu on unlocking the value of creative IP with the Content Fabric will demonstrate how Eluvio’s novel technology enables hyper-efficient content hosting, storage, distribution, and monetization for low-latency streaming, large library servicing, direct monetization, and native Web3 content experiences and will demonstrate just-in-time publishing, selling and streaming with instant on-chain payments and split-royalties.

The VIP panel session will feature six first-of-a-kind use cases with industry leaders: Mark Nakano, VP Content Security, Warner Bros. Discovery; Carl Petch, CTO and Head of Media Network Solutions, Telstra Broadcast Services; Greg Geier, SVP, Digital Media Supply Chain Strategy and Operations, SONY Pictures; Carlos Octavio Queiroz, Director of Corporate Strategy and Architecture, Globo; Greg Auer, SVP, Executive Creative Director, Fusion92 and Mint Werx; and Steve Amato, Founder and CEO, Contend. The panel will describe first-hand the use cases that have unlocked new revenue opportunities, brand loyalty and engagement, and savings throughout the supply chain using the Content Fabric. PR Newswire

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