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DoT, NDMA test cell broadcast alert system

Department of Telecommunications (DoT) is responsible for formulating developmental policies aimed at accelerating the growth of the telecommunications sector in India. Our mission is to ensure access to affordable and effective telecommunications services for all citizens while promoting innovation and safeguarding national security interests. The DoT works tirelessly to enhance communication capabilities and support disaster management efforts to protect the well-being of our fellow countrymen.

The DoT in collaboration with the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) will be conducting comprehensive testing of the Cell Broadcast Alert System. This initiative aims to bolster emergency communication during disasters and prioritize the safety and well-being of our esteemed citizens.

In a relentless commitment to ensuring the safety of the people of India and their communities, the Cell Broadcast Alert System will undergo rigorous testing across various Telecom Service Providers. These tests will be conducted periodically in diverse regions throughout the country to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the emergency alert broadcasting capabilities of different Mobile Operators and Cell Broadcast Systems.

The Cell Broadcast Alert System represents a cutting-edge technology that empowers us to disseminate critical and time-sensitive disaster management messages to all mobile devices within specified geographical areas, regardless of whether the recipients are residents or visitors. This ensures that crucial emergency information reaches as many individuals as possible promptly. Government agencies and emergency services employ Cell Broadcast to keep the public informed about potential threats and to provide vital updates during critical situations. Common applications of Cell Broadcast include delivering emergency alerts such as severe weather warnings (e.g., Tsunamis, Flash Floods, Earthquakes), public safety messages, evacuation notices, and other critical information.

As part of this endeavor, tests are being conducted in different states across India, with Punjab being the next state on the testing schedule for 29th September.
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