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Dish TV launches groundbreaking mixed reality experience in partnership with Flam

Dish TV, one of India’s leading direct-to-home (DTH) service providers, has made significant strides by collaborating with Flam and launched an innovative mixed reality (MR) experience. This groundbreaking initiative, available in 120+ locations across 23 states, aims to revolutionize viewer engagement with a Mixed Reality Experience Ad within the Newspaper. Furthermore enhancing its impact, it will be prominently featured in 212 editions of 22 newspapers including English and Vernacular editions, reaching a combined circulation of 20+ million and an estimated audience of 40+ million.

Flam is known in the industry for its revolutionary AI Driven Mixed Reality Platform designed to publish interactive MR content, which can be accessed via mobile cameras without the need for an App or Hardware Device. This technology has set a new benchmark of innovation in the MarTech space. The platform has already served as a host for prominent global brands such as Britannia, Netflix, Wargaming Czech Republic, AJIO, Heeramandi, WPP and noted Indian politician Shashi Tharoor. With this MR technology, Flam is transforming traditional print, TV and digital advertisements into a whole new engaging and immersive experience.

Flam’s technology eliminates the common barriers to MR adoption. Any specialized headsets, app downloads, or web-based augmented reality (AR) are not required with this. Instead, consumers can access MR content through its link embedded anywhere–be it on social media, websites, or even offline channels. With this ingenious approach akin to YouTube, the MR content spreads virally and drives more users to the platform.

The increasing interest from brands and the delight among consumers for mixed reality experiences has led to this strategic partnership between Dish TV and Flam. Beyond their sophisticated technology, Flam has efficiently solved the creation and distribution of MR at Scale. The Technology can power Billions of users seamlessly concurrently and has powered 120M+ viewers across Global Brands already.

Shourya Agarwal, Founder and CEO of Flam stated, “We’re excited to join forces with Dish TV on this project to bring mixed reality to the forefront of viewer experiences. This partnership will bring forward interactive and immersive content as a reality for millions. Together, we’re setting a new parallel, changing the way people connect with the world around them.”

Flam’s technology features the fastest image recognition and top-tier image and spatial tracking, all powered by advanced AI algorithms. The 3D graphics rendering is optimized for seamless user experience across all Android and iOS mobile devices. This will allow for rapid creation and deployment of MR content in the Marketing Industry. Marketers can also take advantage of features like redirection buttons, user journey tracking, and comprehensive analytics, to get valuable insights into consumer interactions and work their way with the technology accordingly.

As Dish TV and Flam embark on this revolutionary journey, the future of mixed reality looks extremely promising. This collaboration stands as a cornerstone in bringing immersive content to the masses, setting a new standard for consumer engagement in the digital age. The Print

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