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Deployments – ATSC : NextGen TV

South Korea paved the road to ATSC 3.0, adopting its Ultra High-Definition (UHD) TV standard in 2016 and launching 4K ATSC 3.0 broadcasts in May 2017 that now reach more than 80% of the South Korean population. Jamaica has launched ATSC 3.0 services. India is exploring ATSC 3.0 for direct-to-mobile services and broadcast traffic overload, while Brazil is planning to use select ATSC 3.0 technologies for its “TV 3.0” project. In Canada, Humber College is building its ATSC 3.0 5G lab, and Mexico is focused on distance education use cases.

Broadcasters are working together to bring ATSC 3.0 to audiences across the country, currently targeting markets that will reach more than 80% of the public.

This map depicts Nielsen Designated Market Areas in which one or more cities have at least one station broadcasting ATSC 3.0 services.

Markets in orange have at least one ATSC 3.0 station transmitting at least one NextGen TV service. (Most are transmitting 3-5 NextGen TV services.

Markets in light blue indicate that the FCC application to transmit ATSC 3.0 for at least one station in the market has been submitted, and broadcasters are preparing to launch service.

Markets in dark blue show where broadcasters have announced that they are working together to bring ATSC 3.0 service.

Each Announced Target Market (in dark blue) will transition to Readying Broadcasts (in light blue) and then On-the-Air with ATSC 3.0 (in orange).

The Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago is beginning the transition to ATSC 3.0 in 2023 with an expected completion date of 2026.

In early 2022, the Television Jamaica Limited (TVJ) launched digital television transmissions with the ATSC 3.0 standard throughout the country of Jamaica.

South Korea literally paved the road to ATSC 3.0, adopting its Next Gen TV standard in 2016 and launching 4K Ultra High Definition ATSC 3.0 broadcasts in May 2017. Momentum continues to build since the landmark UHD broadcasts of the Winter Olympics, and ATSC 3.0 services now reach over 80% of the population.

In addition to UHD, broadcasters in South Korea continue developing new services on the country’s ATSC 3.0 service roadmap.
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