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Defining 2020 media landscape with next-gen cloud broadcasting solutions

The accelerated change in the consumption pattern and digital media technologies, such as cloud, AI/ML, and block chain, are empowering content creators and distributors in the media and entertainment (M&E) industry to offer endless options to the consumer. The business environment is becoming more challenging, which is driving the media organizations to adapt leaner business models of operation. The consumer in today’s scenario has become highly unpredictable; digital consumers and tactical digital consumers (consuming both digital and traditional) are keeping the broadcasters on their toes in order to fulfill their content demands, and the subscription revenues.


The entire broadcast value chain from content creation to content distribution is undergoing metamorphosis and there are various new technologies involved at every stage. Planetcast’s cloud-based content-creation services with studios provide the entire spectrum of content-production services under one roof. The company’s studio in Mumbai is every content creator’s dream come true. The Mumbai facility is dedicated to the creative world of TV and cinema, which offers immense ease of access to the world-class services. The media-centric data centers in Noida, Mumbai, and Singapore are already operational and will offer customized media-storage solutions to global and Indian media companies and ever-growing video content.

Content distribution has been a satellite bastion for a very long time and it is still relevant. The fact that Planetcast is up-linking 280+ TV channels (global and Indian) from its premises, speaks volumes about the popularity of satellite distribution among broadcasters. The company in the recent years has evolved into a fifth-estate media technology company, which is part of a long-term strategy to capture the markets with huge potential for digital services. The IP-delivery solution, Recaster, can deliver content over IP from anywhere to anywhere, in any format, which offers great freedom to broadcasters and content creators across the globe – a best-in-class service with security.

Planetcast believes in working closely with the customers to understand their existing and future requirements. Cloud.X turbo is an example of a platform so powerful that it can roll out a TV channel in hours, reducing the go-to-market time substantially. It is proving to be a game changer. The company’s OTT division is already offering affordable and quality content-distribution services, and the challenge to deliver content to billions of connected screens offers a massive growth potential for the OTT services covering live and VOD requirements. The company will focus on developing live-streaming platforms for live and sporting events as it did for FIFA World Cup in 2019.

Having catered to the diverse broadcasting and content-management needs of the media industry over the past two decades, Planetcast’s adoption of cloud technology is propelled with AI and ML, along with its global initiative of leveraging its Singapore facility as a global gateway in the coming decade to capture the market in Asia, SAARC, SEA, Middle East, and African markets in the upcoming future. The company will create significant presence in the US and Europe, which will enable it to communicate efficiently with big media companies, and provide more services to our customer base in the US. The move to expand geographies will provide growth to the company, sooner than expected.

In 2020, the M&E sector is poised to enter into a new phase of growth, which will enable India to become a global content hub. Technological disruptions will offer excellent opportunities for the sector. The direct-to-consumer approach will become stronger and will define the business strategy for broadcasters and media-technology providers across the globe. Planetcast will now be able to demonstrate its much-awaited technological preparations to provide unique class of services to its existing and new emerging customers in the digital media world. We are excited to be the part of this new wonderful emerging decade.

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