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DAZN forges anti-piracy partnership with Videocites

Live sports streaming service DAZN and social analytics firm Videocites have forged a partnership to fight rampant sports content piracy in the social media sphere.

Dubbed “The Netflix of Sports,” DAZN is a leading premium live sports platform with a footprint comprising Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Japan, Canada, U.S. and the U.K. The company boasts that Videocities’ cutting-edge technology will now enable DAZN to automatically remove 98% of the thousands of pirated streams detected on social media within minutes with unprecedented efficiency, it said in a statement.

NBA Equity is an investor in Videocites which has several offices around the world, including in Tel Aviv and one recently opened in New York.

“By swiftly removing pirated streams from social media platforms, we disrupt the viewing experience, which in turn demotivates consumers from accessing them in the future and encourages them to seek a legitimate service”, said Sandeep Tiku, chief technology officer at DAZN Group in a statement.

“Ultimately, this will deter intellectual property theft and maintain a fair and sustainable digital environment, safeguarding the interests of broadcasters, rights owners, and athletes. The potential upside is remarkable,” he added.

Videocites co-founder and CEO Eyal Arad commented: “Personal streaming has significantly increased the scale of social piracy, which is no match to the current manual solutions.”

Arad went on to underline that “Videocites uses its Video-AI capabilities to combat the rising tide of social piracy with scalable, immediate, and resilient detection and enforcement.”

“We are proud to have a valuable contribution to a leading innovative streaming platform like Dazn and support their global growth.” Variety

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