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CTV grows to 51% of global video ad impressions share

Connected TV (CTV) now accounts for over half (51%) of global video impression share, an increase of 10.9% compared to 2021 – with mobile and desktop steadily declining YoY. That’s according to a new benchmarks report released today by Innovid, an independent advertising platform for the delivery, personalization and measurement of converged TV across linear, CTV and digital.

“In 2019, CTV accounted for just 31% of total impression share by device,” said Dave Helmreich, Chief Commercial Officer at Innovid. “Today, it accounts for over half of all video impressions – and that share is already up another 3 percentage points in Q1 2023. As TV viewership continues to shift towards streaming, the share of CTV impressions will only continue to grow – and this trend is evident as Upfront buys continue to flow towards CTV inventory.”

The report analyzed over 330 billion video advertising impressions globally from advertisers served on Innovid’s platform between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2022, across verticals and devices (CTV, mobile, and desktop) to provide a holistic view of video advertising and the ways in which advertisers are adapting media and creative strategies. Key findings from Innovid’s platform include:

  • CTV interactive ads outperform standard video: Interactive CTV formats drove a more than 600% lift in engagement over standard pre-roll video in 2022 across choice and non-choice ads, with non-choice-based ads on their own accounting for a 17% lift. Interactive CTV formats saw a 96.4% completion rate – beating standard video completion by 3.0%– and resulted in 92 seconds of additional time earned on top of time spent watching pre-roll. As expected, there was also a 15% increase in interactive CTV campaigns in 2022, with 17% more advertisers running them on the Innovid platform.
  • …So do mobile and desktop interactive ads: On both mobile and desktop, interactive ads generated 181% and 166% lifts in engagement, respectively, over standard video. When engaged, interactive mobile and desktop formats generated an average of 32 additional seconds of time earned.
  • Dynamic video and display drive personalization and performance: Dynamic ads allow advertisers to optimize creative for immersive, personalized messaging at scale. In turn, dynamic video and display advertising saw steady impression growth YoY, with an increase of 50% and 96% respectively. These formats also showed higher performance vs. their standard counterparts when it came to CTRs, with 5% higher lift for dynamic video and 83% higher lift for dynamic display.

“There is growing pressure on advertisers to justify every dollar by measuring performance and proving a strong return on investment, plus improving relevance with personalization of the creative to drive outcomes,” continued Helmreich. “As the TV market moves towards being 100% digitally enabled, marketers need their tech providers to give them real-time insights and always on intelligence to ensure that they are making the most of their investments across converged television.” PR Newswire

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