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Continuing the high pace of innovation in 2020

2019 was an incredibly exciting year for Blackmagic Design. We designed new products for all types of film and video markets, including 20 new products and a huge number of updates to the existing products.

The introduction in 2019 of products like the Pocket Cinema Camera 6K, ATEM Mini, and a host of 8K products, such as the ATEM Constellation switcher and HyperDeck Extreme 8K HDR broadcast deck, showcased our commitment to providing the best and most affordable products to all levels of video and film professionals.

And we plan to continue that high pace of innovation in 2020 as we build the highest quality video products that are affordable to everyone. These products will meet the needs of everyone working in video and film, from the largest broadcaster to a beginner starting with his or her first stream or film, from a local broadcaster to a new commercial production or esports team streaming their games to a global audience.

2020 is an amazing time for video, and Blackmagic Design will be bridging its traditional markets with new markets. We want to give every level of customer, whether established, growing or just getting started, amazing quality. We want to see more colorists, more filmmakers, more editors, and more streamers. And we are dedicated to helping established companies grow.

Our products will help create new markets by allowing customers just getting started to learn on products that are in no way dumbed down versions of products aimed for more established customers. This philosophy can be seen in our ATEM family of products, where a new streamer can use an ATEM Mini to start a multicam HD stream, and as they grow add on a switcher such as the ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K, and then move on to using the massive ATEM Constellation.

DaVinci Resolve Studio and our camera product lines will also continue to be a focus of innovation for Blackmagic Design and again show how we are opening new markets. The biggest blockbusters, TV shows, music videos, and TV commercials in the world use DaVinci Resolve Studio for all of their post-production, but a customer just starting out can learn and use the same powerful software with the free version of DaVinci Resolve. We firmly believe that every level of customer can realize their video and film dreams and learn at their own pace to go from entry level to proficient to expert.

Blackmagic Design will also continue to improve the existing product lines and design new products for its larger customers in the film, broadcast, AV, and post-production markets. Within the past year, we have launched four new 8K product lines, all of which also provide support for 4K and HD, and have made available a huge number of updates to our routing, capture and playback, monitoring, real-time processing, conversion, keying, measurement, audio, film scanning, duplication and streaming, and encoding products.

Updates and new solutions that can be used by these more established companies will continue to be built to create amazing new ways to create video content. Also, Blackmagic Design products allow customers to work in the formats they need now, such as HD and 4K, while putting in place an infrastructure that will support 8K, so that the customers can create infrastructures they know are ready for the future.

The Asian market will also continue to be a focus for Blackmagic Design. We are incredibly excited and humbled when we see the work our customers are doing in every part of Asia. In the past year, we have seen our products used across every type of video and film use, including Indian and Chinese global blockbusters, using products like our cameras DaVinci Resolve Studio, such as Ne Zha, The Captain, Chasing the Dragon II, and The Whistleblower, to commercials from every country, live AV for the region’s biggest concerts and sporting events, esports arenas, streamers, and a huge number of others.

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