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  • How to make the most out of virtual production

    Covid-19 has had a far-reaching impact on the film and television industry, from reduced budgets to delayed production. In fact, according to recent research, the global film industry has suffered a…Read More

  • Reshaping consumer experience

    The pandemic has driven customers to adopt technology. There has been never seen before growth in e-commerce, online video, and digital gaming sectors. But to achieve this potential, light touch…Read More

  • Q&A with Jean-Philippe Gillet, INTELSAT

    Intelsat senior VP of global services and GM of networks business Jean-Philippe Gillet speaks to David Davies about the role of satellites in the future of broadcasting. IBC365 spoke with…Read More

  • The war of the codec

    The war of the codec

    Given each codec has different properties and that every broadcaster or pay-TV operator has different infrastructure and legacy systems, it is unlikely there will be any clear winner. Instead, there…Read More

  • COVID redirecting the workflow

    COVID redirecting the workflow

    The pandemic’s effect on newsrooms is already underway. It is accelerating the newsroom of the future. Technology is being used at the fingertips, and it is pushing the stakeholders to…Read More

  • COVID-19 Shakes Up Sports Broadcasting

    COVID-19 Shakes Up Sports Broadcasting

    If sports stadiums are forced to close their doors for a considerable time, they could weaken their allure to broadcasters. Would the sporting events be as good, or as popular,…Read More

  • Looking Ahead To 2020!

    Looking Ahead To 2020!

    What does the year ahead hold for the broadcast industry? From the continued pivot toward OTT, the impact of 8K, and the ongoing fight against piracy, these trends and many…Read More

  • Broadcast Switchers Continue to Evolve

    Broadcast Switchers Continue to Evolve

    The broadcast switchers market is forecast to develop significantly, albeit major changes in the product are being made to accommodate the rise of live streaming and surge of multiscreen platforms….Read More

  • Revolutionizing the Broadcast Industry

    Revolutionizing the Broadcast Industry

    The proliferation of video content and screens today has given an impetus to the growth of motion graphics, which has found its way in various media platforms such as Internet,…Read More

  • Content Management

    Content Management

    The only thing that has been constant is change. This will certainly continue to hold true for 2018 and beyond. As content management stabilizes into an early mainstream phase of…Read More

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