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Cable, antenna and spectrum analyser up to 6GHz

“RF cable runs continue to be an integral part of radio communication base stations, from long runs on broadcast transmitter towers to short jumper cables on cellular base stations,” said the company. With the deployment of distributed antennas systems, the scale of RF cable installations continue to expand.”

MS2089A (right) is the cable analyser with a spectrum analyser.

It comes in in two configurations: a 5kHz to 4GHz cable antenna analyser with a 9kHz to 4GHz spectrum analyser, or with both analysers up to 6GHz.

Among cable and antenna analyser functions are: return loss, distance-to-fault, time-domain reflectometry (ohm-linear), two port transmission measurement, one-port phase, cable loss and true power measurement.

Spectrum analyser functions include: real-time operation and analysers for interference, AM-FM modulation, LTE FDD/TDD, 5GNR FR1 and WCDMA FDD. On top of this is coverage mapping and channel scanning.

The full list of options is extensive, many of them requiring additional payment, and some requiring additional hardware.

The touch screen is a IK08 10inch unit and the instrument can create reports in PDF or HTML format.

MS2085A (right) is a 5kHz to 4GHz, or to 6GHz, cable and antenna analyser, without the spectrum analyser.

“The standard MS2085A Site Master cable and antenna analyser provides accurate measurements on cables in the field, with distance to fault plots that pinpoint the location of failures”, according to the company. “MS2089A adds a spectrum analyser which facilitates transmitter quality measurements and interference hunting tools.” Electronics Weekly

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