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BroadStream demonstrates VoCaption for live automated captions and subtitles

Live Captioning and Subtitling can be complicated and expensive. Breaking news or last minute changes makes it even harder to coordinate with a human captioner, confirm the audio feed is clear and hope the captioner can understand what is being said and get the words right. It’s not easy.

VoCaption provides broadcasters with accurate, real-time speech-to-text processing in 31 languages to produce live captioning or subtitles for news, weather and sports, breaking news and other live events at a fraction of the cost of human captioners.

VoCaption delivers live, automatic captions and subtitles across a comprehensive range of linear and OTT implementations. It can be used stand-alone with a 3rd party encoder, but its full benefits are felt when used in conjunction with BroadStream’s market-leading Polistream captioning encoder or OASYS Integrated Playout, where it can automatically detect the absence of subtitles and implement emergency subtitling automatically and turn off when subtitles reappear thus reducing the volume of fines a broadcaster may incur for the temporary loss of subtitles.

Advantages of using VoCaption as part of your captioning or subtitling workflow:

  • Subtitles can be repositioned to avoid covering Lower Thirds.
  • Results are automatically recorded to an EBU-TT file for archive, compliance, repurposing and metadata harvesting.
  • Includes a Custom Dictionary and Alternative words option for pre-loading unique names, foreign words, local and regional words and phrases and substitutions that automatically improves the accuracy rate.
  • Great for Emergency Captioning and Subtitling. Can auto-detect the presence or absence of subtitles and begin providing captions if none are present. (Polistream functionality required.)
  • Also good for long programs that are difficult for human captioners. It works with no breaks.
  • VoCaption is also a complimentary product to re-speaking workflows to increase productivity at a reduced cost.
  • In addition, VoCaption can be used for live meetings and presentations to provide live subtitles for group gatherings to support the presenters and properly include those who need extra assistance due to hearing or language issues.
  • Currently available in Global English and 30 other languages.

Hardware & Software Specifications

  • Available in a 1RU chassis as a stand-alone unit with dual power supplies.
  • Software integrated with Polistream Subtitle Encoder.
  • Software integrated with OASYS Integrated Playout solution.
  • Software only on customer provided platform that must match these specifications:
  • Asus Motherboard P10S-M; BIOS Revision: 0302 x64
  • Server 2012 R2 presently; Server 2016 or 2019 once approved
  • CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1260L V5 with onboard NIC: Intel I210AT Gigabit x 2
  • 16G RAM; 250G SSD Hard drive and VGA: Aspeed AST2300 w/ 32MB VR
  • Blackmagic Capture Card (Mini Recorder) BCS Bureau
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