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Broadcast switchers market estimated to reach $2.4 billion mark by 2026

The global Broadcast Switchers Marketis estimated to surpass $2.4 billion mark by 2026 growing at an estimated CAGR of more than 6.1% during the forecast period 2021 to 2026 owing to increasing demand for special-effects broadcasting. Production switchers will be increasingly used across emergent-application segments such as educational institutions, places of worship, and corporate conferences. The Broadcast Switchers Market will be bolstered by its high usage in the domestic production along with the exports and imports. The rising demand for various applications such as audio broadcasting in end user industries is analysed to fuel the growth of Broadcast Switchers. The significant adoption of Direct to home (DTH) in for media and entertainment applications is set to positively impact on the growth of the market as Broadcast Switchers plays a crucial role in the communication aspect in providing the subscribers with the high-quality content.

Broadcast Switchers Market Segment Analysis – By Application
The sports genre has been the biggest draw for TV viewers across the globe, finding ways to deliver the video content at scale, and a rapidly increasing number of devices and formats present multiple challenges for broadcasters, service providers, content owners, and rights holders. Rental sports broadcast switchers market has been another major revenue generator for the broadcast switchers market. The increasing number of international sports tournaments across the globe has been a game changer for the rental market of the broadcast equipment. Moreover, increasing need for the preciseness in the broadcasting system is another factor that is propelling the need for the inclusion of hi-tech switchers in majority of the sports.

Broadcast Switchers Market Segment Analysis – By Type
Analog broadcasting uses analog signals to transmit the audio-video transition and has a lower quality picture than the original and deteriorates over long distances. On the other hand, digital broadcasting has high image quality, sophisticated functions, the convergence of broadcasting with other media, and efficient spectrum use. Moreover, in digital broadcasting, the bit errors caused by disturbances on the transmission path can be corrected by using error correction techniques. Thus, there has been a transition from analog to digital broadcasting, which is driving the global broadcasting equipment market, as people prefer equipment that provides better picture quality and features.

By Geography
North America held the largest share of the Broadcast Switchers market in 2020. The increasing number of cable and satellite television channels and the rising spread of the internet have provided broadcasters with many choices to continue its dominance in the upcoming market. North America leads with the increase in number of broadcast channels this in turn has boosted the demand for radio Broadcast Switchers. Europe is also one of the potential markets for Broadcast Switchers. Europe is also one of the potential markets for broadcast equipment. The overall broadcast switcher market in this region is highly fragmented with the presence of some large and several medium-sized companies that offer solutions pertaining to media and entertainment.

Broadcast switchers market drivers
Shift to software defined radio
Software Defined Radio (SDR) is a type of radio communication system where software on embedded system or personal computer is used for communication instead of implementing hardware such as filters, amplifiers, mixers, detectors, demodulators and modulators, among others. In a SDR the data from a source is converted into digital format, the remaining activities are carried out with the help of software driven automated functions. Globally demand for software defined radios is being driven by military modernization programs of various countries and growing number of digital service users. However, integration of the various sub systems is a key for software defined radios market.

Shift to multi format viewing
Broadcasters need to manage this change with simple and efficient workflow that can grow with them as their needs alter. Technology advancements will stimulate the switchers market growth. The focus will be to select switcher models with advanced features. The consumers’ appetite for exceptional content and the shift toward multi-screen and multi-platform watching, has led to media companies being challenged with finding new ways to get content to audiences faster. Multi-functional and multi-format switchers will be the trend of the future. This is especially prevalent in the live streaming and live broadcasting market.

Broadcast switchers market challenges
COVID-19 hindering revenue generation for broadcast switchers
The COVID-19 outbreak is having a critical impact on the broadcaster’s revenues as firms across the globe have been reluctant to spend on ads. The brands are to use their limited cash reserves, especially when in an economy shutdown, demand is suppressed. This is projected to continue through mid-2021 with a slight recovery post that before the market resumes normal investment in 2023. Despite the media consumption rising, the Broadcast Switchers market has an industry that has been significantly hindered by the Covid-19 pandemic due to lack of spending from end customers. This is reducing the ability of broadcasters to spend on replacement equipment such as switchers thus hindering market growth.

Market landscape
Product launches, acquisitions, and R & D activities are key strategies adopted by players in the Broadcast Switchers Market. Blackmagic Design, Broadcast Pix, Communitek Video System, F. Harris Broadcast, Evertz Microsystem, Ikegami Electronics, Miranda Technologies, Grass Valley, Panasonic, Ross Video, Sony Electronics and Snell Group are considered to be the key players of the Broadcast Switchers Market.

Acquisitions/technology launches/partnerships
Blackmagic Design has recently launched ATEM Constellation 8K, a high-end live-production switcher with 8K capability that lets customers create content for the next generation of the television industry.

Ross Video has introduced Carbonite Ultra V2.0, the software version release of Carbonite Ultra production switcher that delivers above-and-beyond the promised 12G/UHD feature set, initially unveiled in 2018.

Key takeaways
With advancing technologies, communication sectors are also shifting towards digital technology. Error correction and detection techniques are implemented easily in digital communication. Bandwidth consumptions are also reduced and more simultaneous talking paths are embedded into a single digital radio channel.

The switchers market along with the routers and master controls is gradually upgrading from software-defined infrastructure (SDI) to Internet Protocol (IP)-enabled products to provide cloud-based virtualized services to consumers.

Media and Entertainment is set to dominate the Broadcast Switchers market owing to the rising demand from a growing population. This is mainly attributed to the increasing demand for the internet and online streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and so on. Thus, the demand for broadcast switchers is growing in Post Production and Studio broadcast markets. Menafn

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