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AWS goes down again; Hits Twitch, Hulu, Halo, Apex Legends, and other services

AWS was down again.

This month it is the second time Amazon’s cloud platform for businesses has faced a prolonged outage, affecting various websites, games, and other services. The outage lasted about 1.5 hours before the issues were resolved. The affected services mainly involved streaming and gaming services.

The AWS outage primarily affected services in the US regions The “US-WEST-1” and “US-WEST-2” areas were impacted without internet connectivity. Some of the services that were heavily affected include Twitch, Hulu, Halo, Apex Legends, PlayStation Network, Duo, League of Legends, etc. By reporting this, all services are up and running and Amazon has fixed the issues. AWS services down twice this month Amazon filed a statement after the outage. “Between 7:14 AM PST and 7:59 AM PST, customers experienced high network packet loss affecting connectivity to a subset of Internet destinations.

Traffic within regions from AWS, between AWS Regions and other destinations on the Internet, was not affected.

“The problem was caused by network congestion between parts of the AWS backbone and a subset of Internet Service Providers, which was caused by AWS traffic engineering, executed in response to congestion outside of our network. “This traffic engineering incorrectly moved more traffic than expected to parts of the AWS Backbone that affected connectivity to a subset of Internet destinations. The issue has been en resolved, and we do not expect a recurrence.” AWS services were affected earlier this month, when most of Amazon’s services, as well as several other services, went down after a brief outage.

The effects were also seen in India, with reports of multiple users complaining to Downdetector about not being able to access many of Amazon’s services. However, the biggest disruption this year was related to Facebook and its services a few months ago. There was a global mega outage for all Facebook services (now Meta) that lasted around 6-7 hours, paralyzing popular services like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook itself. The Hans India

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