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Auddia Inc. announces deployment of proprietary audio content hosting and streaming system

Auddia Inc., developer of a proprietary AI platform for audio and innovative technologies for podcasts that is reinventing how consumers engage with audio, announced today that it has created a proprietary audio content hosting and streaming system that supports the unique and exclusive demands offered in its flagship mobile app, faidr.

The Company launched faidrRadio, currently only available in its iOS product, which includes both Music Casts and Music Stations on January 24, 2023. Music Casts will be added to its Android app later in Q1.

To host and distribute the dynamic content within Music Casts, the Company has created a proprietary music hosting and streaming system that supports a unique method of music and talk-segment delivery. This proprietary system can host, stream and track music plays while providing novel controls to listeners and can also accommodate music podcasts that play entire songs (rather than the more common 30-second snippet) within episodes while complying with existing music-streaming guidelines.

The building blocks of this streaming and hosting system were designed and developed for the original launch of the faidr app on February 15, 2022, and this system was architected to support time-based, rules-based and event-based content delivery. The system can play a segment of content, like a song, in between other segments of content when certain conditions are met, such as when an ad plays or when an updated weather report is issued. It is designed to support the delivery of audio segments based on time of day or other logical triggers. The system also tracks song plays under various conditions and applies “rules” when selecting content to remain true to ASCAP/BMI/music industry requirements and standards

“With faidrRadio, our exclusive content offering, we’re achieving two things,” said Michael Lawless, Auddia’s CEO. “First, we complement radio with our exclusive content that is unique and supplemental to streaming radio stations. We’re looking for a radio-like feel with faidrRadio which is why you’ll hear Music Casts with a DJ host, sounding a lot like a radio DJ. Second, we are focused on building new ways to present music to listeners. This is where Music Casts came from: a one hour, podcast-like listening session. To do all of this, we built a proprietary hosting and streaming system, and we’re excited to see it in operation.”

faidr users have unique controls over Music Casts, like the ability to pause the program and come back later to continue listening, and the ability to skip the whole song in the middle of the session.

“While our Music Stations function much like a typical broadcast feed of streamed music, the concept of Music Casts is a novel approach to music programming and distribution,” said Peter Shoebridge, Auddia’s CTO. “We set out to create music programs that behave a lot like a podcast episode. It was clear that what we envisioned didn’t exist among our competitors, so we decided to build the entire system from the ground up.”

Auddia will be launching podcasts in the app before the end of Q1 to combine differentiated ad-free listening and exclusive content with podcasting to complete the first phase of the Superapp strategy. yahoo! news

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