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Asian Games launch cloud data and broadcasting systems

Competitions at the Asian Games have begun on Tuesday, four days prior to the official opening ceremony. It also marks the launch of the first cloud data system at the Asian Games. The system is considered an alternative to the traditional data center. CGTN’s Zhao Yunfei reports.

International Games require high accuracy when it comes to data.

The Asian Games in Hangzhou has adopted a new cloud system that can process data faster.

Officials say the results, once confirmed, can be published in just five seconds.

XU WEIHUA Deputy Mayor, City of Hangzhou “I think this is the most efficient practical technology for releasing results at any comprehensive sports event in the world.”

And with the fast-speed internet, the audience can enjoy the Games in real-time.

ZHAO YUNFEI Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province “This is the first time the Asian Games have adopted a cloud broadcasting technique. The transmission data is huge, with 5 thousand hours of Games in ultra-high definition.”

ILARIO CORNA Chief Information Technology Officer, International Olympic Committee “Digital and cloud technology has profoundly changed the way that we organize and scale large events. In the future, we believe that this technology will foster greater imagination and experience improvement for spectators and audiences.”

The techniques are powered by a local tech giant.

The company says they’ve offered a platform for a better Games experience.

SELINA YUAN President of International Business, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Group “This is also a forward-looking example, showing that in future events, more digital technologies will be used to improve game management efficiency, communication efficiency, and personnel collaboration efficiency.”

Another technological breakthrough for an international sports event. CGTN

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