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As scammers target movie buffs, Barbie fans asked not to download film

Greta Gerwig has made history as her movie “Barbie” earned over $337 million globally. However, other people are also profiting from the popularity of Gerwig’s Pink prop comedy movie.

Experts from cybersecurity firms have now issued a warning against online scammers who may take advantage of the popularity of the summer blockbuster in a bid to steal bank information from throngs of pink-pilled moviegoers.

“Cybercriminals are always on the lookout for opportunities to make phishing and other scams more attractive and believable,” Steve Grobman, chief technology officer of software security firm McAfee, said.

“They often leverage popular and well-publicised events such as movie premieres, concerts, or sporting events to trick users into clicking on malicious links,” he added.

The cybersecurity firm claims to have documented 100 new instances of malware with “Barbie-related filenames” in the last three weeks alone, with 37 per cent of them occurring in the US.

These digital malwares include Barbie-related viruses and fake videos that advertise free tickets but instead pull up links that hijack personal info with spyware.

“The videos will direct potential victims to a Discord server or a website. There, attackers prompt visitors to download a large size .exe file. As before, the file is loaded with malware, such as a variety known as ‘Redline Stealer’ that syphons personal info, login information, and more from devices,” McAfee said.

In other cases, the scam may include an email or a social media link that leads to a video labelled “Barbie the Movie” or “Barbie Movie Behind-the-Scenes.”

When the user clicks on the link, they are taken to a website that appears legitimate but asks for their email address, credit card information, and other personal information.

This information is used by the scammer to gain access to the user’s bank account.

To avoid getting scammed, McAfee advised Barbie fans to stick with reliable retailers and streamers, buy tickets from a bona fide theatre chain or reputable app, keep an eye out for dubious-looking websites and get online protection. Business Standard

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