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As CTV grows, Innovid sets new impression volume record

Noting market dynamics driving the market trends, the company said that over past decade in streaming has been marked by rapid expansion in subscription-based (SVOD) market share. Now, the increasingly fragmented and saturated streaming market has driven leading subscription-based services to embrace an ad-supported (AVOD) agenda. AVOD provides more affordable content for viewers and a wider audience to reach for advertisers – all while attracting additional subscribers and increasing provider revenue.

The new overall video impression composition benchmark of 50% of all of Innovid’s video impression volume served in Q2, compared with 46% in Q2 2021, and CTV contributed 47% of total revenue in the second quarter, excluding TVSquared, which Innovid acquired in March. At the same time, Innovid’s mobile video impressions increased 11% year-over-year and accounted for 38% of all video impression volume, while desktop decreased by 3% and accounted for 12% of video impressions served by Innovid.

“Innovid was founded on the premise that one day, the majority of TV content will be delivered through streaming channels. As seen with our CTV volume growth, that prediction is coming to life,” said Innovid co-founder and CEO Zvika Netter. Rapid TV News

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