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An exciting future for indian Broadcast Industry

Broadcast production in the Indian market is a competitive, exciting environment for broadcasters and equipment manufacturers alike. Many of the major trends that characterize the global market, such as a move to IP infrastructure, adoption of HDR content, and pursuit of virtualized solutions, are the same trends that are driving the decisions and strategic plans of Indian broadcast professionals. Ultimately, broadcasters and content creators must find ways to operate more efficiently while delivering a more engaging experience for viewers. By reducing costs and finding better ways to monetize content, broadcasters are looking at a very bright future.

The industry has been talking about IP technology for quite some time now, and several very successful projects have already been completed. However, for many operations, the move to IP will be more gradual and will require a workflow that helps ease the transition from SDI to IP with gateways and hybrid solutions. Grass Valley addresses these needs with a wide variety of technologies and partnerships that make it easier for broadcasters to move at their own pace and invest when and where it makes sense for their business.

Fortunately, the broadcast industry can look to other markets for how IP technology can deliver infrastructure benefits that will increase efficiency, scalability, and agility. One such example is in IT data centers. Grass Valley’s Broadcast Data Center enables a broadcast-centric IP plant designed with the efficiency of today’s IP networks and COTS switches, while leveraging the reliability, extensibility, functionality, and familiarity of the SDI broadcast world.
With all the talk over the past year about 4K UHD, some professionals have missed the potential impact of HDR, which is ready and quite easily deployable in almost any environment. HDR can change the viewing experience by providing a very visible improvement in image quality that can be seen on many current viewing devices. Grass Valley offers a number of cameras today that capture some of the industry’s best HDR content, along with other production tools that enable the HDR images to proceed all the way through production and out to content delivery. Grass Valley makes it even easier by enabling a parallel SDR/HDR production workflow, one where the signal can be adapted with up/down mapping as required to mix and match incoming content formats and output signals without sacrificing any quality.

Nearly every area of technology today is seeing the impact and benefit of virtualization, and the broadcast market is no different. When implementing virtualized solutions, broadcast operators can reduce capital equipment investments by moving software-based processes to a private or public cloud that takes advantage of shared computing power. More functions in broadcasting are shifting to a virtual environment, and Grass Valley is among the suppliers optimizing solutions for this change with offerings already available in iTX for playout as well as GV Stratus for asset management and news production.

Broadcasters in India will see rapid advancement in these three areas and a growing list of offerings from Grass Valley that help them embrace the opportunities. With the complete solutions portfolios of Grass Valley and SAM now available from one supplier, customers have a resource that can help them navigate the changes and take advantage of the exciting growth that lies ahead.

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