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AI-powered video editing platform raises USD 1.1 million in seed round, an AI-powered video editing platform has raised USD 1.1 Million as a part of its seed round. works extensively to solve the challenges and hiccups faced by millions of video creators and editors across the globe. The funds have been raised through UK-based Entrepreneur First, Upsparks VC, Super angel Sarath Sura, and PointOne Capital. The company is also backed by renowned content creators Ranveer Allahbadia (Beerbiceps), Rakesh Yadav (Co-founder Flobiz), Manish Pandey (Author & Creator Evangelist), Abhishek Ponia and several more.

The funds will primarily be used to attract tech talent and hire senior and mid-level engineers to build a robust team. The funds will also be strategically utilized for product development and to build new AI algorithms to automate video edits for social media.

Vedant Maheshwari, Co-Founder and CEO, says, “For every 10-minute of videos we see on YouTube, close to 15-20 hours are spent ideating, editing, captioning and distributing the videos across social media. Our software can potentially reduce these 15-20 hours to less than 2 hours! With the number of creators increasing globally, there is a massive need to build the modern infrastructure stack for video creators that saves them both time and money.”

Further, Kushagra Pandya, Co-Founder and CTO,, adds, “AI is now at a place where it can solve meaningful and complex problems – including video editing and social media growth.
Artificial Intelligence can revolutionize the content creation industry by easing several manual processes. AI can also help video curation by watching prior clips and progressively learning and improving its decision based on how users react to the clips. Through our smart technology and proprietary AI algorithms, we are already able to ‘interpret’ video content and suggest the top moments, highlights, chapters, clips and much more. We are committed to solving the hard problems of video creators globally who we see on our screens all the time.” UNI

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