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8K TV households to reach 72 million in 4 years, despite slow 2020

The number of households where an 8K TV is installed is expected to reach 72 million by 2025, according to the latest forecasts from Strategy Analytics.

It follows a slower than expected 2020, when just 350,000 8K TVs were sold around the world. The global pandemic that has changed so much led to the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics, often seen as a catalyst for new TV purchases.

Strategy Analytics’ forecasting models indicate sales of more than 1 million 8K TVs in 2021 and around 4 million in 2022. North America will lead the way with around 25 million owning such a display by 2025.

“Long term 8K TV adoption will ultimately be driven by panel supply and the ongoing shift to ever larger screen sizes.” comments David Watkins, Director, Connected Home Devices. “As we saw with 4K, TV panel manufacturers are likely to switch entire production lines over to 8K as soon as it makes financial sense to do so.”

It’s anticipated the transition will start with very large screen sizes, those of 70-inches and above, before trickly down in the 60 to 69 bracket.

Watkins believes that by the end of the forecast period anyone looking to buy an ultra-large screen TV will have an increasingly hard time finding one that is not 8K. Broadband TV News

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